Futuremark Unveils First Trailer of 3DMark Fire Strike DirectX 11 Benchmark

Users would be able to test the latest 3DMark across all platforms such as Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops and ofcourse the high-end PC’s. The 3DMark Fire Strike benchmark shown in this trailer would estimate the DirectX 11 performance of PCs through an intense showcase dynamic particle illumination and shadowing, smoke simulation, and post processing effects such as Dept of Field, Lens Flares and bloom. Overall the 3DMark Fire Strike Test would stress even the most high end PCs beyond their limit.

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Skynetone2000d ago

is 1 fps good, im not too familiar with pcs

bumnut2000d ago

1 fps is fine if you're looking at a photo :)

RuperttheBear2000d ago

I wonder what 1 fps looks like when you're going into a black hole.

ATi_Elite1995d ago

I was almost impressed until I remembered I saw Crysis 3 PC running in Native DX11 and Metro Last Light PC!

I do very much so like the Huge amount of Tessellation on the Fire dude and the see thru chick with illumination is a very cool thing also!

DERKADER2000d ago

Nice, can't wait to see how long it says my epeen is.

ninjahunter2000d ago

Oh man, them graphics :P
Let us looks at what games wont look like for 10 years.

A7XEric2000d ago

Looks great, but I'm not wowed. I feel like Crysis 2 on PC already looked that good.