Best Buy holds 2 day sale on select PS Vita titles, Windows 8 Pro upgrade $49

Best Buy is holding a short two-day promotion on select PS Vita titles today and tomorrow. Gamers looking to increase their PS Vita library can save $10 on select games with free-shipping. PC users looking to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro can save $150 for a very limited time.

PC Gamers looking to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro can save $150 dollars today and tomorrow through Best Buy. There are five PS Vita titles that are also on sale for the next two days as well. Best Buy is taking $10 off the MSRP of the PS Vita titles shown below, there is also free-shipping on all of the games that are listed. You can check out the official product listing of all the sales below.

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XB1_PS41999d ago

Yay, Liberation for $30!

brettyd1999d ago

Been on Amazon for $30 for about a week.

1999d ago
taquito1999d ago

if they paid me $49 I wouldn't get windows 8

WilliamH1999d ago

I was just about to leave the same comment. Already back using Windows 7. Windows 8 is dirt

soljah1999d ago

yep just got a new desk top with window 7 professional 64bit installed. came with a 14.00 windows 8 upgrade coupon so i took the bait. i had it installed for 2 hours and then found all my original restorations disks and rolled back to window 7. i am thru with Microsoft, the whole windows 8 is one big ad for Microsoft and all their products that they want you to use plus it looks like it was designed by a 8 year old.
wish i could just use android on a pc or knew how to use linux.

KING851999d ago

Unfortunately they seem to be out of stock here in NY.