N4G Radio 12/03/2012

While the boss is away, the mice will play. The year is ending, but our insanity prevails.

Drew Leachman
Jason Gambrel
Ryan Wombold
John Whitehouse
Dave Payerle

Games Covered:
Far Cry 3
Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U Edition
Warriors Orochi 3
Hitman Absolution
Assassin’s Creed III
And more…

Running Time:

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Baylex1756d ago

OMG.... that's horrible.... LOL

FrustratedFury1756d ago

Hey thanks! Do you have any ideas on how we can improve?

BanBrother1756d ago


Kill-streaks and dedicated servers.

FrustratedFury1756d ago

I may be able to swing the kill-streaks, but the dedicated servers will cost some money. We're not EA, you know. ;)