2012 Saxxy Awards Category Winners

The Annual Saxxy Awards from Valve honour the very finest in Internet filmmaking. MWeb Gamezone takes a look at the various category winners and comes away thoroughly entertained but a bit confused by the judging process.

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DesVader1997d ago

The winner under the "Comedy" section was hilarious! I almost wet myself laughing. Kudos to Valve for making this stuff possible with Source Filmmaker and give the community stuff to tinker with. The results are impressive!!!

HanCilliers1997d ago

Its a wet in my pants kinda thing!

HanCilliers1997d ago

Great stuff, these animations are works of art, so well done

DesVader1997d ago

For sure - the "Drama" category one especially. Really well done. I still don't understand the replay video - please someone explain that one to me!

Choc_Salties1997d ago

Now if only we could import all the Star Wars material into the filmmaker and get fans to redo eps 1-3, then this will be the best filmmaking tool of all time. Oh wait, it is already...

DesVader1997d ago

OMG, what a grand idea. Come on Disney, please buy Valve or vice-versa (haha).

PandaMcBearface1997d ago

Those videos are just great. That High-five XD