Soul Sacrifice dated for Japan, Premium Edition announced

Sony has announced the release date for Soul Sacrifice, revealed the boxart, and announced a Japanese Premium Edition.

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Godchild10201966d ago

Sony better bring that bundle to America and Europe. I want that red Vita and that bundle is amazing. Bundle the red Vita with Soul Sacrifice and then God of War with the red Vita.

DarkBlood1966d ago

*damn the error thats also occuring in N4G beside filmwatch*

@Godchild1020 yeah thats what im doing pretty much waiting for the Red Vita to come to canada like the 3DS if i have known a red one was going to come 6 months after launch i would of waited so learning from that mishap i decided not to get a vita at launch and wait for color red version to come out instead

ritsuka6661966d ago ShowReplies(2)
Genuine-User1965d ago

Not my type of game but I will definitely give it a go once it's released in the UK.

da_2pacalypse1965d ago

Man... That's a really nice Vita console.... too bad I already have one...

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