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Tyler from AAG writes "The rose-coloured glasses of nostalgia can be a pain at times. We cling to things that were central to our development into the people we are today, always looking back on them fondly with an air of sanctity. These things can be anything: a television show, a series of books, or specific memories of bonding shared with a certain person over certain activities. Detached from any of these things inherent measurable quality, we will always have nostalgia to inform our particular affections towards them. Nostalgia is not only something that everyone is guilty of, it is used too often as a tissue-thin shield by the gaming community for whenever certain creative license is taken with an established IP".

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jc485731996d ago

some things are meant to die as well.

FrostyZipper1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

I can't take anyone who says something like 'Games were better back in the day' seriously. There's wistful nostalgia - a fond memory of a certain segment of a game - and then there's going overboard, especially when some of those games weren't all that good to begin with. Long-running franchises like this suffer the most from nostalgia-tinted goggles I feel, which hurts genuine efforts to inject new life into a dying franchise... not that this is one of those instances.

For anyone still on the fence about this: don't buy it. The control scheme is atrocious, the lack of a lock-on function hurts both the shooty-shooty and the stabby-stabby immensely, the voice acting is poor and the dialogue could well have been written by a cocky little thirteen year old. If that doesn't seem enough of a reason then don't buy it just to give the finger to Capcom, who have easily topped Activision as my 'Worst Publisher/Developer 2012' list for some insipid choices since Mikami left.

chadwarden1996d ago

They should finally create, Devil May Run up on a...

Aaroncls71996d ago

Its funny how dmc fans react extremely negative to the reboot and subsequent updates; yet few understand that the orignal Devil May Cry was stripped of his creator and destroyed to the point where Dante is just a stupid stereotyped cartoon who got lamer with every realease.

Hideki Kamiya (Resident Evil 2, Viewtiful Joe, Okami, Bayonetta) is the father of DMC, this guy thought of everything that has established the genre of hardcore action/adventure. Supported by one of the best developer teams of the time, and having as producer the legendary Shinji Mikami, Kamiya forged a game that shook the industry, inspired countless developers and impressed the gaming community with the ground breaking masterpiece that the first DMC is known to be.

Then Capcom (before the release of game, mind you) intervened and authorizing a sequel giving control to another director (Ideaki Itzuno) and demanded the project to be fast tracked. Kamiya had his brainchild stolen and with few resources while under incredible pressure the new team failed to deliver almost in every byte of Devil May Cry 2.

What followed wowed many, some even prefer DMC 3 and 4. But I was disappointed (I'm sure I can't be the only one) since part 2 and danm me to hell if I'm wrong when I say the original had a magic that proved impossible to recreate.

Somehow, I'm still a fan; DMC games are always day one purchases for me, so I hope this one brings some of that coolness and magic back, its about fucking time.

nugnugs1995d ago

It's all about the combat. Devil may cry (and Bayonetta) had the most refined and awesome combat mechanics in any game of it's type. The old arcade games like Final Fight and Double Dragon had next to no story, but we (anyone over 25) played them to kick peoples ass in the coolest way possible.
That is the essence of DMC, ree-booting it and messing around with controls that were extremely tight and refined is a shame to me. Capcom died when its best devs left. LONG LIVE PLATINUM GAMES