5 Unforgettable Characters of this Generation that will be Forgotten writes:

"Warning Spoilers AHEAD!!! You have been warned!

This generation of console gaming has created some of the best characters in gaming history. While at the same time most of these characters will never see the light of day again in the form of a true sequel as all of the characters on this list have seen their story come to a close. These characters are unforgettable but will eventually be forgotten with the new console generation starting and new characters replacing them in their respected franchise."

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Ezio20482002d ago

Ezio will never be forgotten.......

vork772001d ago

I agree he wont be forgot

lociefer2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

Should have put Connor, Compared to Ezio or Altair, he's nothing, and i think the only character on this list that will be forgotten is niko, worst gta character ever ( dont kill me)

noprin2001d ago

ya Ezio was my fav character this gen
the best part is that you will play as him from brith to death,the development of the character from childhood to adult was great,well done ubisoft

Axecution2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

You just spoiled so much in like 2 lines... Oh well lol speaking of spoilers-

EVERYBODY BEWARE: The article is full of game spoilers, including the finale of The Walking Dead.

Of course it says that at the top LOL im stupid though and went ahead anyway.

yaz2882001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

I liked connor and altier more simply because they act as assassins .. ezio is not. however he was lucky that he had 2 extra game to develop more and show his potential. I didn't like him well in ac2 because of his "Yeah I will not let that happen .. I am an assassin.. I know what I am doing" attitude. he just become one for revenge and in shorter period of time. his climbing ability is one thing but killing well trained people in the start of the game is .. unrealistic.

when you become connor in ac3 and reach the time where he wear the assassin hood .. you feel that he really become an assassin. you feel it.

Altair started as an arrogant, emotionless, cold killer .. how an assassin should be like and had years of training .. and in the end of the game you will be surprised how he have developed and changed. his display for emotions, his doubts.. with each life he takes, not like ezio where he kills and move on. for me alteir is the fucking best assassin and one of the best character this gen. seeing how he died in a fucking chair was epic and painful

revelation's Ezio is different story though .. he is awesome (just by seeing how mature he have become ) .. I just can't laugh at him anymore when replying ac2 (knowing what he had become).

Simon_Brezhnev2001d ago


In what way did Connor act like an assassin. He was the most naive out of all of them.

When he goes to his father's funeral i guess that was assassin like. That was pure dumb.

rpd1232001d ago

@ Simon

None of the Assassins in the series are particularly stealthy (don't say Altair, he was marginally stealthier but still ended up fighting off hordes of people). It'd be nice if they were stealthier but the Hashhashin they were based on were anything but and that was their MO, so that's understandable. In each game, there is a time for stealth and a time for slaughtering everyone in sight, though and I think it is pretty well balanced.

Don't really see how the funeral thing in AC3 was stupid. Yeah the enemy was there but it's his father and he used the funeral as a way to get close to Lee. It was a calculated risk (much like an assassin would make...)

Ned-Cannon2001d ago

I couldn't take Ezio seriously until Revelations. Flaunting around like a peacock in a giant white cape is the exact opposite of stealthy. Especially at night. He turned out pretty cool in the end, though.

Tdmd2001d ago


Not stupid at all! Commendable. One can't never be carefull enouth about spoilers!

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Axecution2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

Double post my bad :(

rpd1232001d ago

Agreed. I don't think Shepard will be either. He started it all and is such a badass.

yaz2882001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

when I am talking how he feel more as an assassin than an Ezio .. it is just that he is more believable ..doing the shit he dose make sense

(not just finding an armor and start killing people )

"In what way did Connor act like an assassin. He was the most naive out of all of them. "

are you saying that an assassin have to be perfect? as ezio was .. act the way you want? flawless ?
he can make mistakes .. look at altier

naive ..and that is why he is more believable than ezio.. who kills people .. and start making jokes the next. nobody is perfect and from what your saying its like people want the perfect guy, the guy who has no flaws.. doesn't make mistakes ,who is always above everyone , the lady's shit ..that kind is the most boring type to me. apart from the "freedom" crap he is awesome. as an assassin he trained, he didn't become one over night .. he never wanted to become one actually but only for his people .. the assassin thing is a secondary to him ..

his people wanted to fight with him and what did he said to them " I am fighting so that you don't have to" .. its just lines like these that make you respect and love this character ..
if you see him angry .. I mean what do you expect, his mother died, his village was burned .. how are you expecting other from the grumpy one you have, you should understand how he become the way he is instead of the this " he should smile more.. how about some joke?" kind of shit

Deku-Johnny2001d ago

He will never be forgotten but he will always be second to Connor.

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Y_51502002d ago

Niko will not be forgotten. Look back at the PS2 GTA games. Have Tommy or CJ been forgotten yet? Maybe by the developer but not at all by the gamers!

SilentNegotiator2001d ago

Yeah, everybody talks about Tommy and CJ when discussing great characters.

Oh wait, no they don't.

brodychet2001d ago

Uh, don't talk about Carl that way. That's my childhood you're insulting.

Sarobi2001d ago

When it comes right to it.. nobody ever really forgets the main character of a GTA game

HebrewHammer2001d ago

Hell, I'm still talking about Blasto from the PS1 days...

Tomonobu Itagaki2001d ago

Tommy Vercetti and CJ were great characters. Niko Bellic isn't. As soon as GTA V releases, everyone will forget about him.

Deku-Johnny2001d ago

No one has forgotten Tommy and CJ because they're awesome characters from awesome games. Niko is a terrible character from the worst GTA in the whole franchise. The sooner he is forgotten the better.

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Rupee2001d ago

Pretty stupid title...

Wigriff2001d ago

I completely agree. If they are unforgettable, then by very definition they cannot be forgotten.

solar2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

Read title wrong ooopsy

AIndoria2001d ago

Ezio? Meh. (Just me though) They milked him too much.
Now Niko Bellic is the one whom I will not forget.

Along with Lightning(Yeah yeah, deal with it),

DragonKnight2001d ago

Lightning deserves to be forgotten.

League_of_Draven2001d ago

I think he means Cole MacGrath. His nickname is Lightning.