Breaking the Wii U down; what each bit means

Digitally Downloaded's Christopher Ingram writes:

"Want to know what the difference in a GPU and a GPGPU actually is? We’ve got just the information you need to gain a better understanding of what makes the Wii U tick, and bring it to you in such a way that makes it simple to understand by all."

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YoungPlex2023d ago

Very informative, very good article! I know that the Wii U's architecture was brilliantly crafted, balancing power and innovation, while keeping it affordable and entertaining. I have no doubt that a lot of developers will take advantage of all these little tricks and extra power on the Wii U. Great article!

Hatsune-Miku2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

The Wii u hardware bits means that it won't play next gen games on ps4 and xbox next because the hardware as a whole is too weak.

Everyday NES fanatics will dance and spin facts about the Wii u and try to lie to people about how its powerful but its all lies.

NES fanatics didn't care about graphics and hardware power supposedly, but when the Wii u was announced most all touted how much more powerful the Wii u will be over xbox and ps3. Some declaring it'll be 6 times more powerful shutting down any talks of common sense and logical opinions by anyone who counters theirs. The general consensus is that Nintendo tends to make weak hardware for its time of release.

N64 was released 2.5 years after ps1 but wasn't able to do what the ps1 could do even though it was a 64bit console. It took another year or so for Nintendo to release a replacement ram upgrade to compete with ps1.

GameCube came out over a year ater ps2 but it lacked the disc space capaity of DVDs like the ps2 . ps2 in the end factually produced better looking games than anything seen on the GameCube like the god of war series, Gran turismo series and others. Even the best looking game resident evil 4 was released to ps2 that people thought was impossible.

The Wii is a joke when it comes to hardware power and was competing with the ps2 in my opinion.

The Wii u is being touted as the best thing for gaming since ps1 but its already entering a market trying to emulate what the ps3 has been doing.

The ps3 with vita and move can already provide all the experience the Wii u can offer with better and more powerful hardware. Watch dogs, star wars 1313, crysis 3 on ultra, metal gear ground zeros, bf 3 on ultra is what next gen console the ps4 and xbox next will be doing on launch day with their tech . I know some NES fanatics don't like to hear that but the writing is on the wall. I don't see kojima releasing ground zeros on for computers and from the look of the games tech which will be early capabilities on next gen systems (xbox next ps4) these systems will be powerful.

NES fanatics didn't care for graphics and power but then they did when they heard of the Wii u and talked trash on old systems the ps3 and xbox because they thought the Wii u would be more powerful. Now its back to spinning and saying power doesn't matter because the xbox and ps3 are more powerful than Wii u. Newer game hardwares are just about upgraded graphics but about improvements overall. Improvements that can lead to better gameplay. If you can't quickly decipher if something in a game is a rock or a person quickly enough it can lead to bad experiences. If people don't care about graphics then they'd stick to ultra NES or super NES but they won't as gamers. Fanatics will say anything to spin negatives about Nintendo systems

ahronith2022d ago

Herp derp, im so hip with the no comment three dots.

SuperShyGuy2022d ago

You know, you have some nerve to call anyone a "fanatic"

You who came to an article on a company you don't like and wrote an essay filled with non-facts.

I bet you are one of those "PS4 day one people" despite knowing nothing of the PS4 hardware and without seeing a single game. You have blind faith that Sony will be the most powerful don't you.

You are the biggest "fanatic" here.

daclynk2022d ago

i find it entertaining when i see you in every wii u article trying to write nothin but garbage,useless and misleading words.In the end what will you achieve,its not like anyone is going to listen to you.You seriously believe that PS3 + Vita = Wii u.
SO Sad i guess in the end you are just a delusional Internet tool. Stupid Fanboys.

daclynk2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

sorry double post.

--Onilink--2022d ago

isnt this the same garbage comment that you put in a different article before?? if you are gonna be trolling every Nintendo article, at least try to post something else... This just screams uselessness/way too much free time on your part

herbs2022d ago

Stop calling people Nes Fanatics when you are clearly a Sony Fanatic, its painfully hipocritical. It's also plainly obvious that the wii u is slightly ahead in terms of overall hardware, even if it is not by much. Assassins Creed 3 is the perfect example, its a game that basically maxs out PS3-360 hardware and it was a rushed port for Wii Us launch, yet it runs as good as the other versions with additional images being displayed on the Gamepad. Sadly nethier my super obvious hands on explanation or this informative well written article will do anything to change the twisted minds of the pathetic hater fanboys out there.

YoungPlex2022d ago

And who might be these "fanatics" you speak so poorly about? I know it ain't me as a fanatic would only own and worship one particular item/person! I may be fanatical about games in general but pledge NO allegiance to any one company! You on the other-hand display fanatical, ideologist views, and are constantly aggressively trying to shove your views and opinions down peoples thoughts, without any factual information, to back your words up. You base everything off of trajectories and speculation!

OT: For you to dismiss any and all factual information makes you a blind fanatical fanboy/girl, therefore your opinion becomes invalid! This article in no way hypes the system up, rather it informs the general gaming community of misleading facts or information that is foggy to those that don't understand specs. (aka hieroglyphics) This is very informative and I for one appreciate the time and effort the author put into dissecting complicated information and helping us understand whats really going on. The media and trolls alike love to spin numbers stories, but people like the author always check them with factual information!

dantesparda2022d ago

Nintendo fanboys are the saddest bunch of them all. The WiiU is weak get over it!

millzy1022022d ago

first off, I'm not a NES fanatic I'm a gamer and I've owned every console on market since the NES came out, Nintendo's, Sega ps Xbox neogeo you name it I've had it and second you have no idea what you talking about, have you played the Wii u. thought not but I have and I can honnestly tell you its way stronger than ps3 and Xbox just on launch games. less jaggie edges, no screen tear better lighting just to name a few. second are you a programmer, I thought not so how do you know which system is strongest, oh yeah because you go by rumor on specs you can't even comprehend its obvious you don't know what your talking about look at all your dissagrees.

millzy1022022d ago

how do you know are you a or program and do you know something about the ps4 no one else in the world knows. thought not and how do toy know how powerful Wii u is based on rumoured specs you don't understand and I have a vita and ps3 and I'm telling you there is no way that combo can achieve what wii u does. play it for your self and tell me it can (providing you actually have a vita, everyone who makes that argument don't own one and assumes it.can be done. second it is more powerful less jaggie lines, better lighting, no screen tear on rushed ports. ok I will give you that ps4 might play battle field 3 on ultra if the console was $1000. you need top of the line pc components to do that and they won't put that in a console because it goes against what console ment to be. grow up and be more mature you stupid kid. and if your not a kid you sure act like one.

millzy1022022d ago

I love how Xbox and Sony fanatics say Wii wasn't compensating with 360 and ps3 but ps2 and Xbox when they were taken off the market how does this make sense. of cause it was compensating with ps3 and 360 and won. I don't care as I own all consoles but people bend the truth to make them feel better

corrus2022d ago

Very good post but you have Disagree cos Nintendo fans don't like to hear the truth after all the truth is hurts

fatstarr2022d ago

if your logic that the hardware is too weak, then ps3/360 shouldnt be able to play current PC graphical marvels. but it still happens, devs can make do. We all know Nintendo will provide the best graphics for thier systems
then 2nd partys will try
only some 3rd parties will try to go all out on the wiiu

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Computersaysno2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

To be honest there is nothing brilliantly crafted or amazing inside Wii U. Fairly standard stuff, pretty old.

You know raving about MCMs as if they are something Nintendo are cunningly using when Xbox 360 used one to start with for the separate GPU dies, and even better than an MCM, now has all the chips integrated onto one single die. That even superior design.

Nintendo could have easily fitted everything onto one single bigger die if they were really playing this super smart and integrate everything. Obviously they must have struggled to get that sorted so went with the bog standard MCM option. MCM has been used for decades.

So yeah there is nothing here that is so special or amazingly new or innovative hardware wise.

If Microsoft or Sony turn up with a fusion like CPU/GPU combo from day one, everything integrated, that will be more like state of the art smart engineering and maximising efficiency. That does take a lot of collaboration or just working with one company like the rumoured AMD fusion based next Playstation.

All this doesn't mean Wii U won't get great games, but again the article goes on about 1080p when it is fairly obvious most retail titles are 720p and that is the aim here.

This aint really a downer on Wii U I am putting out here, just lets be realistic so we don't see some crazy hyping of pretty bog standard industry techniques used before.

Wii U will rely on Nintendo bringing the games.

Slapshot822022d ago

Hi Computersaysno,

Thanks for your comment!

This article is not intended to hype, only to inform. I just wanted people to see that for Wii U, there's a lot that has to be taken into account for a true maximum clock speed to be achieved.

Is there a possibility that Wii U will receive lesser ports, or a possibility that it might not even see some major "next generation" ports released on it? I'd think that it's possible. I discussed this pretty thoroughly though in my previous article that I mentioned at the very beginning of this one, which is why I didn't get into that too here.

Like you, I'm very much a realist. I call things like I see them in an unbiased and realistic point of view.

Computersaysno2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

There are a few things developers can start to exploit better inside Wii U later but the question is who is going to get round to doing that and investing the time/money/effort apart from Nintendo if we end up with the same sort of performance gap we have seen between Wii and PS3/360 regards Wii U and nextbox/next Playstation.

But this article focused on Wii U's hardware. I only said what I did because for anyone who knows a little about the hardware industry, Wii U doesn't have anything in it noteworthily clever. It wouldnt be too unfair describing the hardware as an Xbox 360 with a mild chili in the tailpipe.

The AMD designed graphics core + eDRAM and unified memory pool is no doubt consciously ripped straight from the Xbox 360 school of hardware design if it aint broke......(just add more of everything)

Its kinda like writing about a car and saying well it has electronic fuel injection which makes it more efficient and electric windows which makes it better for the occupants. Woo. Welcome to the early nineties, where virtually everything built since then has has these things and therefore pretty much unnoteworthy and unremarkable in any article about a car.

So there my parallel lies with stuff like MCMs or multi core processors being what I felt hyped for Wii U and raising expectations.

Hopefully people will think of that before disagreeing with my first comment.

Shnazzyone2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

I know i was kinda shocked to see an article written by someone who knows about computers and can clearly decypher all the terms for what's going on with it. In the end, as expected, numbers don't tell the whole story. It is clearly pretty powerful but tech this new is gonna take a while to really unlock.

That being said, I imagine nintendo will be the ones to do it first.

imdaboss12022d ago

Sony are known to put out the most powerful console out there.. just look at the PS3..Wii U is weaker then the PS3 but that doesnt mean it wont be a great system..Nintendo is all about gameplay and not the graphics..When the PS4 comes out I am sure the Wii U will continue to sell.Nintendo is aiming towards the younger kids like always...

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chukamachine2023d ago

Yet It still produces less fps then other consoles in the same titles.

Schawk2023d ago

Wii u can have 2 people playing Black Ops 2 online at one time with a screen each using 1 tv and using one copy of the game.
something the other 2 can only dream of

1upgamer992022d ago

LOL freaking Troll disagreed with you, CLEARLY they have not played the game on Wii U, I mean sat and played it for hours. I have the PS3 version of BOPS2 and rented it for my Wii U, I loved the Wii U version, Sharper looking, and the gamepad is AMAZING. So go ahead trolls disagree all you want I LOVE the Wii U version. I am thinking about selling my PS3 version, and getting the Wii u version, it was on sale at target for $49.99

3dawg2022d ago

hold up this is just a question because i dont own a wii u. u saying u can play blackops 2 online with split screen or one playing on tv and one on the tablet? the ps3/xbox360 have split screen online too, if its the latter then thats a great feature.

Schawk2022d ago

@3dawg, online play, one player uses the tv and the other uses the tablet

PopRocks3592022d ago

Any game will produce less frames per second if not properly optimized for the platform.

kupomogli2022d ago

So what's the Wii U's excuse for every game running worse than every version released on both the PS3 and 360?

PopRocks3592021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

Actually Assassin's Creed and Tekken run about on par if not more smoothly than the 360 version from what I understand. Nano Assault Neo also apparently has some graphical features that the 360 and PS3 versions don't and finally Gearbox has stated that the Wii U version of Aliens Colonial Marines will be the best one.

EDIT: To specifically answer your question, the Wii U's excuse is being new hardware with different architecture. If you're given about half a year to make a game for brand new hardware, it's practically asking for technical issues to come up. The PS3 processor is a perfect example of this.

Picture_Dancer2021d ago

No. There wasn't any next-gen console in history of video games, which at lounch had games looking worse that old generation games. Do you imagine first games for the X360 running on the lower resolition than games from last generation, which is PS2 so games running with reolution less than 480p? Now we have such case, WiiU which is supposed to be a next gen, and game like COD:BO2 is running in lower resolution 880x720 then avarage 1280x720 from current gereration (ps3,X360). Next gen with lower resolution than current gen (and much worse framerate). Do you imagine game for X360 running on 400x380 with crappy framerate and the same graphics as PS2 games?

PopRocks3592020d ago


Point = missed.

Weren't all of the 360 launch games built on the ground up on the 360 hardware first though, including King Kong? Almost none of the Wii U launch games have that luxury. Not to mention that, again, they were developed in around half a year. Optimization. Half a year. Etc.

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MegaLagann2022d ago

And our word of the day is OPTIMIZING!

blackbirdi2022d ago

do really people know whats mean optimizing a game ?

RuperttheBear2022d ago

'do really people know whats mean optimizing a game ? '

I know what optimizing means but I'm more concerned with the fact that you can't string a coherent sentence together.

monkey nuts2022d ago

I thought my brain fried had itself after blackbirds comment reading.

lilbroRx2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

You mean the 360. THe PS3 drop is a issue brought about by lack of optimization and its worse as well as more frequent on the PS3 than the Wii U.

The single drop that was reported in that shallow overview was in a custscene at the beginning, not during normal, regular gameplay.

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Slapshot822023d ago

@YoungPlex Thanks!

There are indeed numerous ways in the design of the Wii U that allows the CPU to be "boosted". It was obviously intentional and it will play a significant role into the overall speed of the CPU once used correctly.

Until I hear that all of these variables have been used to maximise the CPU's performance when testing its clock speed, then I consider it nothing more than a rumour.

I don't see it making a massive difference, but I'd like to think it can top the current generation consoles and run at a stable rate while doing so - a great thing for a console with so many gameplay options to play with.

cleft52022d ago

If someone is so hung up on what the WiiU can or can't do technically, then don't buy one. Instead spend some money on a good gaming PC. You will get amazing quality games and so much more. If you actually want to play a Nintendo exclusive then guess what, you have to buy the console.

guitarded772022d ago

Title = "Breaking the Wii U down; what each bit means"

Answer = each bit means 0 or 1... off or on in effect... high or low. Yea computer science!!!

In reality, the article is actually pretty decent. The author did his homework, and is sharing knowledge and not assertions.

Slapshot822022d ago

Hi guitarded77,

Thanks for your kind words!

That's exactly what I wanted to do with this article: inform.

Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in all the talk/rumours, but in this situation, I felt that it was time that the rumours were put aside and share some basic information to those who may not understand what all is being said in these heated arguments about Wii U's CPU.

For me, I enjoy the games - I don't care what system I'm playing them on. But I've seen so many gamers trying to make sense of all of this and were struggling so hard to put two-and-two together - I felt this was a needed piece to be written.