7.0 Turok Review writes: While not as groundbreaking as the original late 1990s "Turok: Dinosaur Hunter" for the Nintendo 64, the new "Turok" 3-D shooter for the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 delivers a fun - and at times, nail-biting - action experience for mature players.

Story Highlights:
-Remake of 1990s game doesn't have many new features
-Basis of game similar to previous shooter games
-Good graphics make scenes, characters memorable

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decapitator3719d ago

CNN review games now ?!?! Whoa!!!..This I must have a listen to and give my impressions later on.

TheWickedOne3719d ago

Yeah I was kinda surprised when I stumble upon it on cnn.

I played the demo off PSN and really wasn't impressed. But sometimes demos can be misleading. I played a early demo of Motorstorm at EB and thought the graphics sucked, but it must have been their setup.