Kotaku's Best Guesses For Microsoft's GDC Keynote

Kotaku writes:

"On paper the keynote is about how Microsoft plans to tap into a "wellspring of talent and innovation from the broader development community" but we'd be surprised if they didn't use their time on stage to also drop a little bomb or two. Hit the jump for our best guesses"

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Anything but Cute3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

nothing that interesting in those predictions other than Gears of War 2.

decapitator3745d ago

Well lets wait and see. But then again, if anyone has really good guesses as to what will be announced, I will bet my money on Kotaku as they have in the past leaked new information for Both Microsoft and Nintendo news conferences and somethings that did not want us to know ahead of time.

wow143745d ago

LIVE Anywhere and XNA Arcade seem very interesting to me. Perhaps if you had an Xbox 360 you'd appreciate them too?

DarkSniper3745d ago

Anything but cute,

Did you not sell your PLAYSTATION® 3 because you felt XBOX 360 fufilled your gaming needs right now? Dark Sniper remembers you saying that you grew tired of waiting for Sony so you got what you needed right now and XBOX 360 is your premiere choice of gaming.

So why the change of heart now that Sony has proven itself once again?


etownone3745d ago

Price drop.

I am a huge 360 supporter, but in light of the format winner, and the $399 PS3 with 6 free blu-ray movies.... the 360 just seems overpriced now in comparison. More than anything they need a price drop or hopefully a new cheaper redesigned sku.

And Gears 2 would be awesome, although I believe Epic will likely be pushing UT3 for the 360 which should be coming out soon.

wow143745d ago

Not going to happen at a GDC. If a price-drop is coming (i dont expect one anytime soon), then it would probably co-incide with a consumer event, like a game launch, or a holiday.

Not a Developer Gathering.

Scions Wrath3745d ago

Gears of war 2 would be awesome but will they just announce it's existence or actually show footage? I can't wait to see it but i have a feeling that microsoft may wait to show it until the E3 gameshow later this year as it is much more important as sony has a HELL of an advantage with all the PS3 exclusives coming this year.

Please show GOW2 at GDC!!!

darthv723745d ago

takes all the fun out of suprises. Lets hope this keynote has stuff NEVER heard of before or expected. That would be the real shocker. Actual information on products and services that made it all the way through the NDA's without being leaked.

RecSpec3745d ago

Nintendo hides things pretty well, and are bad mouthed by the media for it.

RecSpec3745d ago

The brand new SKU complete with BluRay player

Fishy Fingers3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

If thats was the case id be very upset.

That would imply that MS have known HD-DVD was dead quite sometime yet they allowed their customers to continue buying the add-on even though they knew it had no future.

It would be quite the slap in the face.

frostbite063745d ago

hd-dvd beens dead since warner picked a side....that we've all known, therefor it would not be a slap in the face but that definately wont happen. I expect an add-on of sorts

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