Prey: The Way Modern FPS Could Have Been

Chillopedia | Games like Battlefield have completely revolutionized the first-person shooter genre in recent years. Innovations like regenerating health and realistic weapon models have resulted in a marked change in the nature of FPS games, as well as gaming in general.

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Detoxx1936d ago

Let Battlefield be the example of how FPS's should be.

Dynasty1935d ago

How about no. Battlefield is just as generic as COD and serves as a bad example.

Detoxx1935d ago

Its not, dont be ignorant

taquito1936d ago

prey had more creativity in the first 2 hours than entire library of cod and bf combined

i love battlefield series, its just been the same since 1942, albiet refined and more excellent, still...the same

prey is a glorious game, and, at least on pc it looks amazing

hennessey861935d ago

I still haven't played prey, going to have to pick it up I think

BanBrother1935d ago

You wont be disappointed (considering it probably costs a WHOLE $2 now).

Pros: Great Story. Great Characters. Fantastic soundtrack (very, very good). Cool weapons. Puzzles. Quite a decent length.

Cons: Gameplay could have been tighter (still good).

Another con, which doesn't really detract from Prey's awesomeness is that if you get headaches when playing upside-down, you are in for a real treat with Prey.

It has one of the best stories in an FPS this gen. Among my favourites Bioshock and The Darkness.

MYSTERIO3601935d ago

Prey was a great game, its a shame that they are abandoning its gameplay in 2.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1935d ago

consoles have really screwed the world..

RickHiggity1935d ago

I know right? it's not like consoles existed before this generation or anything /sarcasm

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