Building to last: Insomniac talks Fuse, next-gen tech and LEGO

OXM - Four-player RPG-shooter Fuse is the subject of some controversy, thanks to Insomniac's decision to dispense with the light-hearted tone that characterised the reveal trailer. The backlash is justified - there are far too many unsmiling shooters on Xbox 360 - but we're in danger of overlooking the quality of the results.

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MikeMyers1931d ago

I wish them well but I fear the overcrowded shooter market may hurt them. The RPG elements may make the game more interesting than your typical shooter.

sincitysir11931d ago

Yeah insomniac is a super creative studio so I will play it but I hope it does well

Genuine-User1931d ago

I hope Fuse is a good game.

FarCryLover1821931d ago

Not feeling this one either.

CanadianTurtle1931d ago

I'm not that excited for this game because I know Insomniac can do better than this. I'm probably the biggest Resistance fan on this website and I love that franchise to death for it's atmosphere, unique gameplay, and enemy designs. It has a really great universe and lore. Its weird to see them make a game like Fuse that really doesn't have any personality

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