The OXM Wishlist - GTA 5

OXM - Jonty reviewed GTA 4 for OXM, so when he stands in front of a pastel-coloured backdrop and lectures you on what you want from GTA 5, you sit straight and pay attention. Well, providing you're in the habit of taking advice from people on Youtube.

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ThichQuangDuck2001d ago

Cheat codes and Cheat code multiplayer free roam.

San Andreas goofy story rather than overly serious GTA 4.

Those are my two main

2001d ago
PS3Freak2001d ago

I can't agree with you guys because N4G is broken.

How did that one person disagree?

mt2001d ago

I guess he is one of the admins in N4G and he got upset when you called N4G broken.

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