Will Halo 4 Be King of the Hill or has CoD Captured the Flag?

GI - Kicking off the holiday season, 343 Industries’ first attempt at exclusively developing a Halo game was a huge success. Estimated at 3.1 million copies sold worldwide in the first 24 hours of release, including 1.9 million in the US, Halo 4 sold more copies than any previous Halo title. Not only has Halo stuck around through Microsoft’s rise in the game industry, but it also played a major part in the Xbox and Xbox 360’s success.

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shempo1995d ago

both sucks and are overated
they are just quick money grab

MysticStrummer1995d ago

BO2 sold more and FC3 is rated higher.

shempo1995d ago

far cry 3 is by far the best fps than both halo 4 and blops 2 combined