Years Old Xbox 360 and PS3 Ahead of Wii U in Terms of Speed It was recently reported that IBM Power PC central processing unit of the Nintendo Wii U has three cores which run at 1.24GHz per core, while that in the PS3's cell processor and Xbox 360's, Xenon run at 3GHz per core.
However, graphics chip in the product is reported to be a little faster or matching to those Xbox 360 and PS3. The graphics processing unit (GPU) of Wii U is made up of Advanced Micro Devices which runs at 549 MHz.

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OneAboveAll1997d ago

More of these articles. When will it stop? It's actually slightly more powerful than the 360 and PS3.

Clock speed means nothing. I'v had computers with slower clock speeds that out perform some with higher clock speeds. It's down to how well the hardware is optimized.

Second of all, the Wii U GPGPU is much better than that in the 360 and PS3. It supports DirectX 11 and pixel shader 5.0.

sway_z1997d ago

IMO it doesn't matter how powerful the specs of a console, it's down to the developers to play to its strengths.

360 launched 1 year prior to the arguably more powerful PS3, but because of the 360 attach rate at the time (5 million +) the 3rd party developers coded to the 360 spec, meaning PS3 was not pushed at all, instead receiving shoddy ports just like Wii U receives in 2012.

Interestingly, I don't see the same for Nintendo. The 3rd party developers are unlikely to utilize Wii U as the main platform when they don't have to until the next gen from MS/Sony arrive within the next year or so.

Wii U would have been better launched late 2009 or early 2010 to really trouble the current gen.

My fears for Nintendo are they will have great success with 1st party, but 3rd party development will progress on a new Xbox/PS in the very near future.

dragunrising1996d ago

I agree mostly. I think the strength of the console is mostly untapped considering the strengths and weaknesses found by that wii hacker dude. The architecture is different- the ports that have come out, haven't been optimized experiences. In a year or two we should see some much better looking games. The Wii U won't be the most powerful next gen experience in a year however its controller will hopefully give fans an experience that matches or surpasses the competition. I will more than likely buy third party franchise games on other systems, however I greatly anticipate more third party games like Zombie U and Nintendo staples (Zelda, please please and thank you).

lilbroRx1996d ago

The technology to make a console that strong at that size and power consumption didn't exist then.

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sway_z1997d ago

'@sway Your generalizations and generally false information are just as bad as this article. Its embarrassing to know people can be this stupid'


Don't be so rude and pig ignorant!!

...and What makes you so superior? Get over ya'self!

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The story is too old to be commented.