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Years Old Xbox 360 and PS3 Ahead of Wii U in Terms of Speed

topnews.us: It was recently reported that IBM Power PC central processing unit of the Nintendo Wii U has three cores which run at 1.24GHz per core, while that in the PS3's cell processor and Xbox 360's, Xenon run at 3GHz per core.
However, graphics chip in the product is reported to be a little faster or matching to those Xbox 360 and PS3. The graphics processing unit (GPU) of Wii U is made up of Advanced Micro Devices which runs at 549 MHz. (PS3, Tech, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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OneAboveAll  +   847d ago
More of these articles. When will it stop? It's actually slightly more powerful than the 360 and PS3.

Clock speed means nothing. I'v had computers with slower clock speeds that out perform some with higher clock speeds. It's down to how well the hardware is optimized.

Second of all, the Wii U GPGPU is much better than that in the 360 and PS3. It supports DirectX 11 and pixel shader 5.0.
sway_z  +   847d ago
IMO it doesn't matter how powerful the specs of a console, it's down to the developers to play to its strengths.

360 launched 1 year prior to the arguably more powerful PS3, but because of the 360 attach rate at the time (5 million +) the 3rd party developers coded to the 360 spec, meaning PS3 was not pushed at all, instead receiving shoddy ports just like Wii U receives in 2012.

Interestingly, I don't see the same for Nintendo. The 3rd party developers are unlikely to utilize Wii U as the main platform when they don't have to until the next gen from MS/Sony arrive within the next year or so.

Wii U would have been better launched late 2009 or early 2010 to really trouble the current gen.

My fears for Nintendo are they will have great success with 1st party, but 3rd party development will progress on a new Xbox/PS in the very near future.
dragunrising  +   847d ago
I agree mostly. I think the strength of the console is mostly untapped considering the strengths and weaknesses found by that wii hacker dude. The architecture is different- the ports that have come out, haven't been optimized experiences. In a year or two we should see some much better looking games. The Wii U won't be the most powerful next gen experience in a year however its controller will hopefully give fans an experience that matches or surpasses the competition. I will more than likely buy third party franchise games on other systems, however I greatly anticipate more third party games like Zombie U and Nintendo staples (Zelda, please please and thank you).
lilbroRx  +   846d ago
The technology to make a console that strong at that size and power consumption didn't exist then.
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sway_z  +   847d ago
'@sway Your generalizations and generally false information are just as bad as this article. Its embarrassing to know people can be this stupid'


Don't be so rude and pig ignorant!!

...and What makes you so superior? Get over ya'self!
metroidfusion2  +   847d ago
If I was a spec person I would wait for a full spec sheet but I'm sure I would already know this does not determine anything etc and I take that info with a grain of salt and the gamds will speak for themselves and all the dumbass people can shut up
Erudito87  +   847d ago
all of nintendo wiiu youtube vids have had their comments section closed; that should tell you something.
Slower components do matter why should anyone pay for obsolete tech.
vallencer  +   847d ago
So Closing the comments section of YouTube videos now means something important?? I just thought it meant people didn't want to read all the rude and whiny entitled comments.

And people pay for "obsolete tech" because those people just enjoy video games and like to have fun. Not everyone cares about graphics beleive it or not.
lilbroRx  +   846d ago
I always thought they closed it because of all of the perverse 360/PS3 fanboys who would come there leaving derogatory statements where children could see them and doing nothing but bashing and trash talking which is something they've been doing or years.
MasterCratosKong66  +   846d ago
are you saying you have never bought anything that would be considered obsolete?
josephayal  +   847d ago
maybe r fasta but What about mario in 1080p?
wiiulee  +   847d ago
lol haters are coming out of everywhere with the same news..they are still not over the wii winning last generation...point is wiiu does better graphics and because of the gamepad its gameplays are years ahead of the competition
lilbroRx  +   847d ago
You gotta love it when journalists use peoples words as facts, while ignoring calls that they being taken out of context by those same people.

We already have games that are demonstrating better graphics than the PS3/360 and one that is even demonstrating better physics.

Regardless of what clock speeds say, the hardware has shown itself to be stronger even though most devs have had less than 6 months to work with and dev kits are still being optimized.

Sadly, unless someone finds a way to penalize media outlets for posting false or misleading information, this will continue to occur.
Ben_Rage_3  +   846d ago
People will believe what they want regardless of the facts. A couple of developers say Wii U is old, slow tech and that's all a person who wants it to be true needs.

Even if a more prestigious developers says different, like, "Wii U Aliens: Colonial Marine is best looking version because of consoles more modern tech" <--- direct quote from Borderlands 2 developer 2K. Or when a developer of a game like Trine 2 says, "PS3, 360 can't cope with Trine 2 Wii U graphics." Again this is ignored because some people don't want it to be true. Sources:


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lonelygoner  +   847d ago
to be honest im not impressed with the Wii U yet. im sure a developer will take advantage of all the stuff the system got but for now all the games out for the system (except the nintendo games) look exactly the same as the xbox/ps3 versions. but for now, wii u owners, enjoy your system and dont let anyone tell you diferent
The_Infected  +   847d ago
I agree the Wii U is great but playing off the weak specs and saying it doesn't matter developers will still make game look amazing well what do you think those developers will so when they have the bew Xbox and Playstation sitting in front of them? They will really push limits then but saying developers will do great things with hardware that's more new but still slower than current gen hardware is just foolish. I'd say Wii U games will look great but when the next Xbox and Playstation come out their going to look last gen again just watch. I really don't think the Wii U can hold its own against next gen consoles from Microsoft and Sony.
weakU. I will get one though maybe half way of ps4 cycle.
triplev16  +   847d ago
"The Nintendo Wii U is available at a market price of $349 while Xbox 360 comes for $399 and PS3 is priced highly at $599."

From the article. LOL
JonnyBigBoss  +   847d ago
This guy has no idea how computer hardware works. He should not be writing articles on the subject. What a joke.
Mithan  +   847d ago
Garbage sensational article aimed at dumbasses that don't understand how CPU architecture works.
Xof  +   847d ago
And decades old SNES games are ahead of the 360 and PS3 in terms of speed, too.

And in many other respects, too.

Funny how the quality of a game is completely independent from the quality of its hardware, huh?
richierich  +   847d ago
I had my doubts about the Wii U and I know that there arent any games that look much different than PS3 and 360 but overall I have to say Im very impressed it especially with all of the online features and BlackOps 2 and AC3 look great too. After buying one a few days ago I dont understand all the hate articles
Grimhammer00  +   847d ago
I'm unsure of how WiiU users or Ninny fanboys can seriously argue that their spanking new console is competitively future forward. Its not just the CPU is slower...the ram is old DDR!
Ask yourselves....if the architecture is that easy to program for...why didn't any third party dev get their port to exceed ps360? Why do most of the ports actually perform worse than ps360?

And let's forget all that...how is the WiiU going to play 3rd party games that are also on ps360?! You truly think they are going to flip to wiiU as the starting console? Lol

Wiiu made that impossible by making their system have a unique pad controller.
captain_slow82  +   847d ago
my phone has 2 gigs of ram and a 1.5ghz quad core (nexus 4) and this really next gen? i think not lol
tweet75  +   847d ago
so i got more joy playing the marios and zeldas on wii than any thing on the much superior xbox and ps3 and that will continue with wii u
mshope10  +   847d ago
whats funny is people keep bringing this up when it's taking xbox 360 and ps3 6 years to get games to look as good as they are now.

mean while some developers like ea had only six months to make games like madden look as good as the other two. and some games look better then those two when it also has to stream info to another screen.

so a system with slower cpu clocks speeds just comes out and has to run games on two screens at once.it's launch games are already on par,or better in the graphics department.and has slightly worse, on par, or better frame rates while outputting to two screens with ports of games using current game engines.

and people thinks it's weaker!think about stuff before jumping to conclusions.lets what till games use new next gen engines made for its stronger gpgpu and to yins slower cpu.

did nobody think man its weird wii u has such a slower cpu and ok gpu speeds and can run black ops two looking better then the other two.

how could it do that cause if we go by those speeds its a lot weaker right?how can it keep up.cause wasn't blacks op two be made for the higher cpu?how could it be that much slower and it looks and play so great on two screens at the same time?i guess its magic right?

and ive been playing call of duty everyday and it had like two minor frame rate drops that a regular person wouldn't know.and i had both screen going at once.

so i think wii u has a great future.and the truth is people are just pissed nintendo has great 3rd party support and there great first person line up on one system!
captain_slow82  +   847d ago
i got more fun out of iphone games than i did on the wii and ur point is?
shitty gimmiks won the race for the wii and now phones do it better lol as much as i dont like to say it iphone will take the win over wii u
Thepcz  +   847d ago
this 'low clock speed' malarkey is played out now.
wish these so called journalists would learn about computer architecture before they get pen/keyboard happy and publish this garbage
captain_slow82  +   847d ago
mshope10 ur happy the wii u can get close to 7 year old tech?
dude serious optimise my phones cpu an gpu im sure it would be on par with the wii u well more likely better lol
Just like the SNES with a slower processor than the Genesis/Megadrive. Games still looked and played better on SNES. Blast Processing all over again...
Kran  +   847d ago
This is all I have to say...

wiiulee  +   847d ago
haters have no clue...wiiu does better graphics then ps3, xbox and the wii and has better gameplay in the form of the gamepad....to be a next generation system the wiiu just had to be much better then the wii and it is....wiiu did not have to be much better then the ps3.thats sony's job to show the difference between ps3 and ps4...nintendo has to show the difference between wiiu and wii....but of course since it still competes with sony and microsoft....wiiu ended up with better graphics but moreso much better gameplay to show that nintendo consider a game fun base on interaction, not just pretty pictures..moreso interaction
mrbojingles  +   847d ago
Isn't this the same story as the one posted a few days ago?


It even sources Hector Martin but this article doesn't even LINK to his twitter account, just takes what he says without sourcing it.
xJumpManx  +   847d ago
Its a Nintendo console they do not care about hardcore gamers their system is for their first party games really. I bet the WiiU will run new Zelda and Mario games great.
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