Halo 5 In 2013: Is It Too Much Too Soon?

GI - Though the plastic wrapping has just come off of Halo 4 and many other enthusiastic gamers won’t see it until Christmas, there is already talk and excitement for Halo 5 as work is underway for the next installment in the popular long-running, first-person shooter series. But this won’t be just any release. Not only will Halo 5 be available for the Xbox 360, it is being reported that the game is scheduled to come out in time for the release of the next generation console currently referred to as the Xbox 720.

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vishant1011999d ago

LOL theres no way micrsoft will release it next year sure maybe a spin off halo game but it takes 2 years minimum to produce a quality game the calibre of halo. But maybe a side story done by some other team that's not 343 might be ther for the launch of the next xbox

iamnsuperman1999d ago

I agree there is no way Microsoft could do it. They only way the could do it is to have another studio working on it (similar to the COD and BF/MoH system with each team working to produce a game every two years). The question is would Microsoft do it in the future? I am not sure they would. Halo is a massive surge in profit for Microsoft and the worry with yearly releases for Halo is it could diminish the effect (The only game that has shown yearly releases work is COD, other games tend not to work as well). I could easily see them releasing a game every two years but not every year

dragunrising1998d ago

I agree. I think we could possibly see an HD re-relese of Halo 2 for Xbox 360 and Xbox Next/Infinity/8. That would make the most sense for me. Releasing Halo 5 would fragment the Halo community and playerbase. People still play Halo 3...:-p

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

not sick of halo and gears and forza yet?

aviator1891999d ago

I highly doubt halo 5 will come out next year. Maybe Halo 2 re-work, but I doubt any other Halo.
Maybe Halo Wars 2.

dragunrising1998d ago

I didn't read your comment before I commented- essentially said the same thing haha. I wouldn't mind Halo Wars 2 with the Forerunners mixed in nor Halo 2 rework. Halo 2 released as an DLC add on would be acceptable.

jaklink1998d ago

There is no possible way that's going to happen. The only thing that could foreseeably happen would be a Halo 2 remaster. But Halo 5? That's just the circumstance of a website's pathetic attempt to score hits.

CGI-Quality1998d ago

Doubt it. Halo is a quality series, it takes much more than 365 days to accomplish that feat.

000011998d ago

what the hell kind of article is this, Halo 4 took 3 years to develop, what financial, commercial, gameplay, graphics,or features would they gain by releasing another halo game? halo fans arent ccd fans.

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The story is too old to be commented.