Home Tools and Support: Creating Content for PlayStation Home Sponsored by Sony

Date/Time: Thursday (February 21, 2008) 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Location (room): Room 3002, West Hall
Track: Production
Experience Level: All
Session Description
This presentation will cover a technical overview of the current Home Tools features and the feature roadmaps for the future. Additionally we shall walk through the developer process of creating a space for Home and show a guide to creating 3D mini-games within the Home environments. Wrapping up we shall take a sneak peak at technical requirements for Home Interactive Item creation.

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PStriple7033559d ago

"There's no place like home"

Cartesian3D3559d ago

we wont be HOMEless anymore...

I will give a Room to one of the Poor HD DVD owners for FREE..

Dann79783559d ago

Please give us a release date im homeless

marinelife93559d ago

Can't wait to hang out with you homeboys.

rofldings3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

We need an N4G party when home comes out.

I shall bring the virtual bravias and pornography. Along with Anti-360 videos.

Sevir043559d ago

but the anti 360 vids and the porn is on you... i'd rather stream a few blu ray movies off the HDD into home and wacth. and then after that jump right into GTA4 online or some MGSO, or even some GT5 online... either way HOME will be awesome. Sony just Needs to Bring it.

whoelse3559d ago

Im in!

I hope home comes out? Are they still planning the open beta i wonder, or are they going all the way right away.

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squallsoft3559d ago

yea they should have virtual HDDVD graveyard in home lolz

Marceles3559d ago

...with a "kick tombstone" option

SI7VER3559d ago

Yeah and have all of those xbot anti PS3 comments inscribed on them lol.

THC CELL3559d ago

so is this public create or dev?

ChrisGTR13559d ago

anyone thinking theyll give out a release date?

DarkSniper3559d ago

Personally, Dark Sniper thinks this has no interest to gamers like the people of this site. This is more aimed for those who plan on using development tools to create content within Sony's service. As customers and as gamers, we are more concerned with WHEN we will be able to enjoy this content and show more concern on a solid release date that Home will reach to the masses.


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The story is too old to be commented.