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Skyrim PS3 DLC “Coming Soon” But Will Sony Fans Care?

GI - PlayStation 3 Dragonborns are hearing it again: Bethesda is diligently working and making progress towards releasing Skyrim DLC for Sony’s console. Over six months have transpired since the release of the Dawnguard DLC and PS3 players are still without vampire marauders and sun-expelling arrows. It has also been three months since the Hearthfire DLC was released, depriving PS3 Dovahkiin from building humble abodes and churning butter. Yet the cause of most irritation for PS3 players may not be the delay in DLC releases but the scant, vague, and unacceptable “information” periodically released by Bethesda. (PS3, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)

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NastyLeftHook0  +   746d ago
please keep it, the fact that this even happened is just humiliating on bethesdas part, just make a better elder scrolls game next time. -1 bethesda.
iChii  +   746d ago
I sure don't. Keep your DLC bethesda, I'll make sure not to buy another Elder Scrolls game.
Diver  +   745d ago
no thanks bethesda.
gamernova  +   746d ago
I feel better late than never. As a PC gamer I have grown accustomed to get things later than my console brethren. I am sure there are true skyrim fans that want this dlc.
eliteslaya13  +   744d ago
A member of the PC master race that has addressed console gamers as his console brethren. Incredible
gamernova  +   744d ago
I am not one of those noobs. We all love to game and as long as we can agree that smartphone and tablet gaming is not real gaming, we are all good haha They are the true enemy now :D
Alos88  +   746d ago
If they offer a discount because of the wait.
Hellsvacancy  +   746d ago
Im looking forward to going back to Skyrim, its been a while, ill wait that bit longer though, I traded Skyrim ages ago, ill buy the Ultimate Edition when there is one, I KNOW there will be, at some point next year
onandonandon  +   745d ago
So you don't mind being double dipped by Bethesda for a game that doesn't even work? That's a depressing statement!!
darkride66   745d ago | Trolling | show
ZeroX9876  +   746d ago
I don`t really care since the elder scrolls games got so much content into them that waiting for another dlc is not really a problem for me. For the gamers that ended the game completely and wants something new, that`s another story.

I hope they gives PS3 users some kind of rebate on the dlc package.
5eriously  +   746d ago
["Skyrim PS3 DLC “Coming Soon” But Will Sony Fans Care?"]

MmaFan-Qc  +   745d ago
NukaCola  +   746d ago
Discount is the only way to go. This isn't fair for the fans. I really love Skyrim. I love the Elder Scrolls series, but they should really sit down and fix their games. It's not just PS3. Hopefully next gen, for consoles, will come with lots of power to run open world games smoother.
willie32  +   746d ago
I did months ago and sold the game in response to this crap.
sdozzo  +   746d ago
Don't care. Believe it when I see it.
dkgshiz  +   746d ago
Reduce the cost to $5 for Dawnguard and reduce Hearthfire to$2 or less then maybe people will care. No way in hell should the price tag be $15+ for a dlc that has been delayed due to Bethesdas awful programmers and over all mess they made. They made enough money already as it is with a game that when it came out was quite broken especially on the PS3.
Soldierone  +   746d ago
Well considering that ALSO paid FULL price for the game, I'm sure some don't care another console they don't own got it already. It will still be new to them.

I do agree, they will lose sales from it. A lot of people are already ticked off and traded it in. Also a lack of DLC has allowed the game to die.
-GametimeUK-  +   746d ago
Big fan of Skyrim on PS3. I think I have put 90 or so hours in to it. However, I don't think Bethesda deserve any more of my money. Sad, but true.
imtheman2013  +   746d ago
Honestly the main game was good enough for me and I own a PS3. Even if I owned an Xbox, I don't think I would buy any DLC unless it opened up a new landmass.
TheRacingX  +   745d ago
I might care if it was free....in typical fashion they'll do their game of the year "complete" edition with everything on it....which would be cheaper than buying all the stupid DLC anyway, Fallout New Vegas Ultimate is $30 for $45 or more of DLC on the store.....Bethesda are just money grubbers... save your $$$ people....not buying it sends the message you dont like their practices
TemplarDante  +   745d ago
? What? Whats a Skyrim?
Is that game where they signed timed exclusive deals for DLC on a competing console, then said to us our PS3 sucks as it cant run what the competing machine can?
Sorry Bethesda, Im havin ALOT of fun playing Far Cry 3 to care!
You lost my cash money in DLC. Just last year this time I was having framerate problems with your Skyrim and you didnt give a damn, went on holidays with our money, then left us ps3 gamers to wait.
So . F You
and Happy Holidays :)
CommonSenseGamer  +   745d ago
Sony fans may not but gamers who platform on the PS3 might.
erick21093  +   745d ago
im sorry what? I had a hard time reading this.
Hicken  +   745d ago
what you're saying is: people who give a damn about how developers treat them won't, but folks who just take what they're given will have no problems, right?
CommonSenseGamer  +   742d ago
Gamers care about the game and not all the politics or fanboy antics. They may get annoyed that content may arrive late or that a patch needs to be released to make it work as intended but they usually in the end shut up and enjoy the game or walk away from it. Fanboys on the other hand bitch until they believe someone is actually interested in their opinion.
MidnytRain  +   745d ago
They really screwed up with this one. I wonder if they'll offer a discount...
modesign  +   745d ago
by the time SKyrim DLC arrives, ps3 owners will be playing The last of us, God of war Ascension, Beyond 2 souls, and many other titles.

save your time bethesda, scrap the ps3 DLC.
Kennesu  +   745d ago
after buying the ps3 version i pirated the f*ck out the pc version and i freaking love it really good game :-)
LAWSON72  +   745d ago
you got problems its one thing to torrent a game, but putting the smily face and i love it too, bad you dont deserve my cash is just wrong. i hope one day you do a job and you dont get paid for it. heck all of you act like you deserve **** for free because you had to wait longer what are you a five year old who thinks if they are told they have to wait to get qet a toy they deserve a better toy since they waited. They had to use so much cash and resources just to release it, and you want it free like seriously thats like if someone is hired to do a job and it takes more time and resources then expected, and you pay them less sine it took them longer.
ziggurcat  +   745d ago
unless they throw PS3 owners a really big, meaty bone (like offering the long overdue DLC for free), i don't see myself getting any of it.

but also i've sworn off of bethesda as a result of their gross incompetence, and flat-out deception when it came to skyrim on PS3.
S-T-F-U  +   745d ago
Fallout 3 all over again. DLC for Fallout on PS3 was a complete cluster fuck of epic proportions and still till this day does not work how it should. Playing a Fallout 3 DLC on PS3 is like watching a slide show, Bethesda are without a shadow of a doubt one of the worst developers for PS3 ever.
gamefanatic007  +   745d ago
I traded skyrim at Gamestop a long time ago...screw the DLC.
strigoi814  +   745d ago
Keep it. Coz i wont care anyways i sold my copy three days after i bought it..thanks but no thanks
Octo1  +   745d ago
People shouldn't be giving Bethesda any more money. There simply is just no excuse to release such crap on PS3. They have had a long time to learn how to make games for the PS3 so whats the excuse? "PS3 is hard to developer for" is no longer a valid excuse. We've seen several multiplat games that are on par or better on PS3. Stop supporting Bethesda developed games!!
InTheZoneAC  +   745d ago
I thought they cancelled dawnguard for ps3 after all these issues.

I am actually excited again if they are serious about releasing it.

Look at it like this. I don't buy a game to look forward to DLC. So if the game never had DLC I couldn't care less. And then adding DLC as an option for the customer is just a bonus.

If you don't care about the DLC because it's months behind the schedule that's your problem.

This is a single player game, it's not like they're behind in a multiplayer game where people move on to other games. This gives people a reason to go back to skyrim if they haven't played in a while.
Zha1tan  +   745d ago
With all the problems on PS3 you really think they would offer it for free as some sort of compensation, ivep layed Skyrim on my GFs PS3 and I play on PC and to say the least the game is a disgrace on PS3.

Constant frame skips, constant laggy cameras, glitched and broken quests.

Just no effort seemed to go into that port.
Lucreto  +   745d ago
If they offer it all in one bundle I might consider it. If they sell it seperately I won't bother.
Avernus  +   745d ago
I still like the game...will get the platinum soon, but I'm not sure about getting the DLC. Too many good games out to stick with Skyrim.

I already gave Bethesda my money, and giving them more money for their lack of support on the PS3, won't sit right with me as well.
jessupj  +   745d ago
I'll be renting the GOTY edition if I feel bothered at the time of it's inevitable release and Bethesda won't see a cent of my money.
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