Skyrim PS3 DLC “Coming Soon” But Will Sony Fans Care?

GI - PlayStation 3 Dragonborns are hearing it again: Bethesda is diligently working and making progress towards releasing Skyrim DLC for Sony’s console. Over six months have transpired since the release of the Dawnguard DLC and PS3 players are still without vampire marauders and sun-expelling arrows. It has also been three months since the Hearthfire DLC was released, depriving PS3 Dovahkiin from building humble abodes and churning butter. Yet the cause of most irritation for PS3 players may not be the delay in DLC releases but the scant, vague, and unacceptable “information” periodically released by Bethesda.

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NastyLeftHook01816d ago

please keep it, the fact that this even happened is just humiliating on bethesdas part, just make a better elder scrolls game next time. -1 bethesda.

iChii1816d ago

I sure don't. Keep your DLC bethesda, I'll make sure not to buy another Elder Scrolls game.

gamernova1816d ago

I feel better late than never. As a PC gamer I have grown accustomed to get things later than my console brethren. I am sure there are true skyrim fans that want this dlc.

eliteslaya131815d ago

A member of the PC master race that has addressed console gamers as his console brethren. Incredible

gamernova1815d ago

I am not one of those noobs. We all love to game and as long as we can agree that smartphone and tablet gaming is not real gaming, we are all good haha They are the true enemy now :D

Alos881816d ago

If they offer a discount because of the wait.

Hellsvacancy1816d ago

Im looking forward to going back to Skyrim, its been a while, ill wait that bit longer though, I traded Skyrim ages ago, ill buy the Ultimate Edition when there is one, I KNOW there will be, at some point next year

onandonandon1815d ago

So you don't mind being double dipped by Bethesda for a game that doesn't even work? That's a depressing statement!!

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The story is too old to be commented.