3DS gets $40 off, Xbox 360 gets a gift card or 4 game bundle at Target this week

XMNR: The Nintendo 3DS receives a steep $40 discount at Target for the week of Dec. 2, 2012. Meanwhile, the Xbox 360 gets a pair of deals with a gift card for the 4GB Kinect Bundle or three extra games with the 250GB Kinect Bundle including FIFA Soccer 13.

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KangarooSam2001d ago

God knows I'm about to get a million dislikes.

A vita costs less than twice that price. Guaranteed you'll get a hundred times the use out of it in the first month than your 3DS will hypothetically get.

DO buy this if you want, it's a great deal. Good exclusives. But if you're strapped for cash, just save up for a Vita.

And to all the people who will dislike this: it's not biased, I own both. Even paid extra for the 3DS XL.

PS4isKing_822001d ago

Awesome deal! 3DS is the best handheld on the market right now. There's just not enough compelling games on the vita to justify its huge price tag. Most 3rd parties are too in love with Nintendo lately to care about Sony. Which is kinda ironic when back in the ninties, it was reversed. Sony had most of the support from 3rd parties and Nintendo was left with the scraps.

greenmeanie2001d ago

That is an amazing deal!!! You could get a great game or maybe even two, and still barely pay retail price. If I didnt already own one, I would definitely pick one up.