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Submitted by STGuy1040 1161d ago | article

Wii U Gamepad’s Battery Life More Like 2-4 Hours

Once gamers opened their new Wii U systems and started gaming, complaints began to appear online about the battery only lasting between 2-4 hours. And to make matters worse, it doesn’t matter if you’re playing a game or watching a movie on Netflix — the limited battery life remains the same. (Nintendo, Wii U)

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MultiConsoleGamer  +   1161d ago
I've gotten roughly 3.5 to 5 hours, but it all varies based on what I'm doing, whether it's playing games or watching videos.
1upgamer99  +   1159d ago
How could someone disagree with your personal experience with the Gampad...LOL Anyway I guess a New battery is coming out, or something that will double the battery life...The trolls who do not even have or played a Wii U can disagree all they want LOL!
Venox2008  +   1159d ago
Niko (or Neko) battery addon is coming and you dont need to modify a gamepad, just plug-in play, its attaching on a back and gives you a power boost for more playing hours..price is decent too 10 or 20 dollars I think
ChickeyCantor  +   1161d ago
It also depends on the lightning intensity. If you have it on full, the battery will drain like crazy.
dragunrising  +   1160d ago
I'm not horribly impressed with the battery life however for my purposes I can get enough life out of it. If I outlast the battery, I'm not upset I have to play with a plug in the wall. The benefits of the controller is worth the hassle imo.
shaun mcwayne  +   1159d ago
I didnt know it plugged into the wall, I thought it would be plugged into the console like other controllers. I was thinking if I had to plug into the console the cable wouldnt be long enough as i sit far back from my tv and consoles but i can plug into a wall no problem.
Im sure alot of us have shuffled some furniture round in the past to make our gaming areas a bit more user friendly.
mondusestatcenen   1161d ago | Spam
5eriously  +   1161d ago
All the complainers cares!
Baka-akaB  +   1161d ago
There will obviously accessories solutions for those that care about more . Nothing to make a fuss about .
PS4isKing_82  +   1161d ago
It's only been out a little over a week or two. These are small problems at best. Lets look at the positives the wiiU brings. Sleek and sexy? Check. Free access to online gaming, eshop, video chat, netflix, Hulu plus, amazon instant video apps? Check. Backwards compatibility with wii games and accessories? Check. More core, 3rd party games and support that everyone condemned the original wii for not having? Check. Awesome new controller that Sony and Microsoft will copy in 1 to 2 years? Check. Looks like Nintendo hit a home run from where I'm standing. And this is just its first week. Now that it's launched in Europe and Japan next week with the exclusive monster hunter 3 bundle, were about to see some crazy sales numbers. Which will mean more 3rd party support for core games.
MariaHelFutura  +   1161d ago
How is anyone acting like 3 hours battery life is a no a bad thing? I'm getting the Wii U, I don't hate it and I recognize it as a next-gen system. BUT, 3 hours battery life is pathetic and is something that needs to be fixed asap.
1upgamer99  +   1159d ago
There is something coming out to Double the battery life....
MariaHelFutura  +   1159d ago
That is good news. BUT, hopefully Nintendo implements something that extends the battery life in future versions of the system/controller.
jaymart2k  +   1161d ago
Played Mario for 4hrs on 2nd brightness with rumble/audio.

Nyko also has a battery pack called U Boost coming out this month(I think) that extends it to 8-10 hrs. It cost $20.
wiiulee  +   1161d ago
exactly i get 4 to 5 hours and im sure battery pack is coming or just charge your gamepad....did someone the battery to last 24 hours? who sleeps in front of their game
Baka-akaB  +   1161d ago
" Wii U gamers can scratch 12 hour marathons of Call of Duty Black Ops II off their to-do lists"

Even if it's up to each person's will and freedom , what an incredibly stupid thing to to do anyway ... and not just because it's cod
millzy102  +   1161d ago
the cable is long enough just plug it in, that what I do no biggie. I'm not one for complaining over silly little things, the gamepad is the best thing to happen to gaming in a long time and I'm enjoying my Wii u a lot more than I thought I would, havnt touched my 3ds, psvita and ps3 in days. also zombiu is the best zombie survival horror game since resi 3. its a great game with decent graphics that have a nice gritty realism to it and the lighting is like nothing I've seen in a console game. also playing the Wii u whilst my Mrs plays ps3 is a godsend.
TwistedMetal  +   1161d ago
my ipad 3 has longer battery life and its not just a controller its a mini pc with computer parts in it. This is sad for nintendo man especially for 350 dollars. i wont buy a wii u untill the gamepadpro comes out with 10 hours battery and its 200 dollars.
Braid  +   1160d ago
I hate electronic devices that need daily charging, as if we don't have lots of other things to care about everyday. This s#ht has got to go, with new devices coming out literally every week, I'm begging companies to extend the battery life of their products, and I'm willing to pay more for that. Just don't make me suffer with those annoying "low battery" notifications every friggin' single day.
JonnyBigBoss  +   1160d ago
It has a way longer cable than the PS3 controllers. Just plug it in... no problem at all.
dkgshiz  +   1160d ago
Whats really puzzling is the controller is essentially just a screen with no guts inside. With any stock tablet you can run them all day long and still have enough battery life at the end of the day. Most of these tablets have dual or even quad core processors which actually take battery power. Either or thats some pretty awful battery life.
LOL_WUT  +   1160d ago
Thats worser than the Vita, considering it's a controller it should last longer.
ninjahunter  +   1160d ago
Hmmm, i was expecting better, oh well, doesnt change the fact that its still a cool feature.
OneAboveAll  +   1160d ago
It's plug and play. Just plug it and and play while it's charging.
DivineAssault  +   1160d ago
sure is.. U need to charge after each play session but the pro has amazing battery life.. & kotaku is FULL OF$hit cuz the pro does NOT feel cheap to me.. i got to try it & it felt great after i got used to it
jmc8888  +   1160d ago
The charging cable works just fine. Wireless controllers sucked until 360 controller anyways. Anyone remember the old IR wireless controllers? Probably not because after buying one, you'd swore never to again.

The 3-5 hours, or longer if you take breaks, with a charging cable suitably long for most people means it works. A $20 add-on will make it last plenty long.

Nintendo should have put a bigger battery, or multiple batteries in it, but still you can buy the add-on and it should be fine.

As for daily charging, that's not going away anytime soon. The tech on batteries is slow and probably going to slow down.

There simply is no real program for creating long lasting batteries. Perhaps if we had a space program the last 40 years, we would, but nope. We shut that sucker down after Apollo and only paid lip service with the backwards shuttle...which we don't even have anymore.

The only 'breakthrough' we had was minor at best, and that's lithium-ion battery and even the furtherance of that is slowing down.

If anything the problem is going to get worse not better. But hey we here in America make derivatives not discoveries anymore. Thanks Goldman!
pinkyxyz  +   1160d ago
A 6000 mah battery is all tgey need to give it tablet like charging.
jaymart2k  +   1160d ago
Someone try streaming live video to the ipad via pc/mac. I bet ya the battery goes 2x as fast as if it was stored on the device.

This is why the Wii U's battery is poor. All the games have to be streamed to the gamepad.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   1160d ago
Seems like Nintendo hate is getting up with the Sony hate in the western media.
Deku-Johnny  +   1160d ago
I've gotten at least 5 hours out of mine if not more. I've been playing almost none stop (stopping only to eat/sleep/poop) since Friday when I got it. I've only had to charge it a few times. It's not exactly that bad, I mean the red light comes on and you just stick the charger in and bam! You can carry on playing to your heart's content. You can't use the 'b-but it uses another socket' excuse as there's a USB charger getting released. Not to mention bigger batteries that are already being developed.
Man-E-Faces  +   1160d ago
I don't like the excuse of ''wait until a third party comes out with a better battery'', it makes Nintendo look like even more of a scrooge by cutting corners for a few more $ and letting someone else fix the problem. If my Vita a portable can last longer while running the game itself you know Nintendo just half a$$ed it.
PopRocks359  +   1160d ago
I've managed to get some reasonable time out of mine after putting on brightness level 3 and power-saving mode. I don't play for entire days on end, I like to take breaks and unwind and I usually recharge it in that time.

When I don't feel like waiting, I just plug it into the wall near my bed and just lay down as I play. As far as convenience goes, it's not so bad as a home console.
wiiulee  +   1160d ago
ok they are building battery packs for it and the problem will be done....i still dnt see the complaint about playing games for 5 hours then recharging the gamepad
Thepcz  +   1160d ago
3 hours... lets think about it realistically..
a gaming session will be two hours max, in one sitting. unless you are totally 'hardcore' and spend all day infront of the console.

if you are 'hardcore' and use the wiiu for over 3 hours, then you could, i dont know... PLUG THE CONTROLLER IN!!?

if you know you are going to be playing for hours, obviously you plug the thing in.

the industry advise you only play games an hour at a time, with a half-hour break, right? plenty of time to recharge.

people complaining about having to recharge the thing... how lazy is that? just plug it in.

so in summary, the solution is- if you know you are going to use the wiiu for an extended period of time, plug it in

stragomccloud  +   1160d ago
It really isn't that big of a deal since the cord doesn't go into the system and therefore doesn't introduce tripping problems like tripping as I so often experienced 2 generations ago with the PS2 and especially the gamecube. Because of that, even plugged in it really isn't in the way. Also since I am indoors, I never have the screen on max, I leave it on 2 or 3 and the battery power lasts plenty long enough.
Neonridr  +   1160d ago
There already is a 3rd party battery coming out that will double the lifespan. But I never play for more than like 2 hours straight, so I don't have any issues. If I was going to play for longer I could A) use the pro controller if it is supported in the game (CoD for example), or B) I would plug it into the wall while I play.
1upgamer99  +   1159d ago
The battery life sucks, but there is an expansion coming out that will double its life....You can use the gamepad plugged in though guys...its not like when the battery dies you cant use is the expansion link.
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