PlayStation 3 Doesn’t Suck

AntDaGamer discusses his feelings and opinions on the PlayStation 3.

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StrongMan2083d ago

What a well written article and the author speaks nothing but the truth. Everyone needs to read this.

-Mika-2083d ago

There was nothing well written about that. It was just some angry fanboy rant. Like I honestly don't even know why he wrote that article. No-one doesn't even think the PS3 sucks...

DarkBlood2083d ago Show
Griffin48712083d ago

@DarkBlood Pretty sure it's a 12 y/o boy.

IAmLee2083d ago

It's a sony article... and it... it's positive?!

xJumpManx2083d ago

You can have fun with any of the current gen consoles just enjoy the games screw what platform it is on. If a game looks good I will want to play it reguardless of the platform. Personally if you can afford it whey not have all 3 consoles and never miss out on any game.

Relientk772083d ago

The PlayStation 3 is awesome

JoGam2082d ago

I had three Xbox's. "HAD" I have 3 PS3's now.

rezzah2083d ago

We all have our opinions, good and bad.

It is best to be objective because we are all bias.

Point out both pros and cons between consoles.

Stick to what you like, if you have money to buy everything then do it if it pleases you.

Other than this all these opinionated pieces are pointless, be it good or bad based on the reader.

None of it matters, except for people to visit their site so they can group around and agree or disagree on something that doesn't really matter.

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The story is too old to be commented.