New Console Automatically Generates Games

BNR: I’m somewhat surprised by this new development- a new console known simply as the OTON X, from EnGeniux is looking to shake up the world of gaming by automatically creating games without the need for human input.

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Software_Lover1878d ago



camel_toad1878d ago

Skynet is right. I bet it'll start with simple variations of pong while secretly tapping into every powerful nations defense systems. All under the guise of a game console...

Pathosverdes31878d ago

Doesn't even make sense. Also, too many futuristic Xs in the name.. Oton x by engeniux? Writing everything with X is so 2000

camel_toad1878d ago

Never doubt the X!

It often marks the spot of a treasure!

Sp1d3ynut1878d ago

Pfft...not impressed ; call me when it plays the games for me too, can make me a sammich, and wipe my azz.

r211878d ago

Cool idea but will it actually make good games though? Also, how will this even work?

andibandit1877d ago

Im sure it will spit out something like GTA6, in no time.

sjaakiejj1878d ago

Why would I want to buy a console so that I can play Linux and Android games when I already have Linux and Android?

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The story is too old to be commented.