Here is how ArmA 3′s environment compares to its real-life location

DSOGaming writes: "Before starting, let me tell you that I’m literally blown away and that this comparison is courtesy of Reddit’s user ‘RareIntel’. This fella has just made a comparison between an early screenshot of ArmA 3 and its real-life location, captured by Google Earth."

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ninjahunter1611d ago

Google maps vs Arma 3 XD Who will win?

Elwenil1610d ago

This isn't really anything new. While a worthless game, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising's Skira Island was actually identical to an actual island named Kiska in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska.

ddurand11610d ago

yeah i was hoping to see some environments in this.

good attention to detail regardless.

SilentNegotiator1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

Except the real-life locations don't have terrible, inconsistent framerates on even a great system.

pr0digyZA1610d ago

I heard this one is really well optimised and will be using multiple cores compared to previous versions.