PS3 Fanboy review: FIFA Street 3 Scores 6.5

PS3Fanboy writes: "Fun under the sun. That's probably the sort of feeling that Electronic Arts aimed at bringing out with FIFA Street 3; however, the game unfortunately doesn't completely deliver that sort of experience. At first glance, FIFA Street 3 faithfully replicates the atmosphere of outdoor street soccer with its bright arenas and upbeat soundtrack, coupled with flashy fast-paced futsal. But underneath the highly stylized appearance, there's a lack of gameplay depth which ultimately cuts down the game's longevity".

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ELite_Ghost3800d ago

no planning to even rent it!

avacadosnorkel3800d ago

disagree with you on this one.
I bought this this morning.

This is the best of all the Street games

NBA homecourt was crap with all the goaltending.
NFL tour is manure.

FIFA street 3 has more moves than both NBA and NFL combined

TruthBTold3800d ago

I am sticking to Fifa 08, the demo sucked. Than again maybe the final game might be good but I really have no interest in it after the demo.