Original Gamer Review - Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale "Following the success of their competition's famous Super Smash Bros franchise, Sony has released Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale. Part brawler, part competitive fighter, it's an all-star clash, but is it an all-star title?"

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Godchild10201972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

This is a joke review. But the opinion is respected. How can you question the use of items and say they don't do anything to change the battle. You can use the fish and build your AP faster and send the opponent that is hit across the stage. There is an item that stuns your opponents and another that takes AP from them when hit. The items, when used correctly help sway the fight.

It also sounds like he doesn't know how to use Toro and that made him upset. I understand some characters are stronger and build AP faster and that is getting fixed with the next update. Just because you can't use a character, that doesn't make it bad. Try another or head to the training mode to learn how to use him/them..

kopicha1972d ago

an example of how bad gaming journalists are these day in current generation of gaming industry. everyone are entitled to their own opinion of course. but reviews should not be done from a personal opinion stand point. that is what that makes it hard to be a good gaming journalist. which unfortunately in this generation the industry only have very few of such quality ones to be found.

360ICE1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

Reviews are pretty much always personal opinions. It's very difficult to write anything like, say, an objective product review when there's isn't really any objective standard for what makes a game good.

It is, however, possible to emulate perspective. Which means that a reviewer who, say, hate driving simulators, will take his hate for the genre into consideration when reviewing a game like GT5, and try to review it for the people who like the genre. That too is difficult.

But yeah, I'm totally for personal reviews, and personally don't agree with this one.

Also, all respect to the reviewers who don't open with "Following the success of Super Smash...", what is this like the 30th person who does that? Everyone has gotten that long ago!

Imikida1972d ago

I know what you mean, I use Toro and I beat Raidens, and Kratos online all the time.

MastaMold1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

Everyone needs to stop caring about reviews do yourself a favor and judge the game on your own. If your able to rent a game or maybe you have a friend that owns that game play it for yourself or watch videos on that game, serious reviews are overrated find a way to try that game that catches your eye.

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MrDead1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

I don't agree with this review but what’s the point in giving a good mark to a exclusive, no one looks at the good reviews. This site is now guaranteed to get hits.

soundslike1972d ago

I know a 150 AP combo with Toro.

dive kick, forward.jump neutral.square dive kick, forward.jump neutral.square dive kick, canceled into triangle, forward.triangle

you start in afro form, end in karate. its a loop of dive kicks to a jumping attack that can cancel into a dive kick again. The tricky part is that you have to press forward and jump then let go of forward so you don't do a forward+square attack.

If that all sounds complex, its because it kind of is. This game goes much deeper than some people think.

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shempo1972d ago

stupid review

lol major sites gave the game 7.5 + 8.0
The game is awesome and its their first attempt,the sequel will be promising

calibann1972d ago

stupid review because it didn't give the game i've been anticipating all year a 10/10

Hicken1972d ago

Stupid review because it's stupid. It loses points for not having characters he wanted? Because he couldn't use items well? Because it's just like every other fighter out there and isn't perfectly balanced?

Stop being so quick to pull the "fanboy" card and actually pay attention to the content, for a change.

Kalowest1972d ago

It deserves a 7, hate some gameplay choices they made.

dafegamer1972d ago

definition of attention and Troll review. Downvote site and move a long people

shammgod1972d ago

What type of clown s*** is this!?!?

BigDollarZoe9541972d ago

everyone has a opinion is just happens to be this guys review is horrible and stupid

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