1UP reviews Dynasty Warriors 6

From the review by 1UP's Andrew Fitch:

"When I was in college seven years ago, Dynasty Warriors 2 served a very useful purpose: Koei's hack-n-slashfest based on Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Chinese civilization's greatest epic, acted as a decent button-mashing stress reliever in between classes, and its cut-scenes served as entertaining visual aids for presentations in Chinese history class. The Dynasty Warriors series may be the whipping boy for derivative gameplay these days, but don't forget that as a first-generation PS2 title, it was surprisingly innovative: We'd never seen so many onscreen enemies going at it in real time -- and without slowdown, to boot.

But as I played through Dynasty Warriors 6, the series' first entry for this console generation, one thought kept permeating my head: 'This is exactly the same game I played in college.'"

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Razor49013714d ago

ok......tbh you would probably complain if they created a new you say the thing with the dynasty warriors series is that it sells, so why change....although the story, characters and surroundings are the same/similar, i have still enjoyed every dynasty warriors that has been released. you could have reveiwed number 4 or 5 and said exactly the same thing, because they are all the same, that doesn't stop the series from expanding and growing. Look at final fantasy (my favourite series) break them down like you have dynasty warriors and they are all the same, you can do this with every genre of game FPS and RTS for example. If i liked 5 (i did) why arn't i going to like six, one more cant hurt. i will buy this, like everyone else will regardless.