Games Industry Transitions In 2013: Will Consoles And Windows Rise Again?

For retailers and publishers in video games, Christmas is the busiest time of the year. All the big releases stack up through October and November, and are judged by consumers to be worthy or otherwise. On the digital side, Christmas is often one of the slower periods but, when the dust settles and spring begins, often new heroes emerge. Either way, the holidays mark the end of a cycle, and then we begin to wonder what’s next. Assuming the world doesn’t end on December 21st, what’s going on for games in 2013?

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Malice-Flare1970d ago

well, it never fell to begin with...

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

get ur facts straight consoles & windows fell 0.01%

SilentNegotiator1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Exactly. Game hardware (total) is still selling at a general rising rate every gen and games are breaking records (and not just the big AAA games).

Looking at a slight downward trend typical of a waning generation is like looking at the hockey stick part of global temperature records; you get a bias, extreme looking trend that would be nearly unnoticeable in the overall trend.

chukamachine1969d ago

MS: What time do you think we have.

The Wii u has been in the warehouse and we didn't even know it.

Your hate for Sony has clearly blinded you.

isyourhouseonfire1969d ago

What a strange article. Consoles destroyed PC gaming, and never fell after that. How can they possibly rise again?

ratcop221969d ago

Well if you compare this gen to last gen. This gen has sold more all togther. But then again this gen has lasted awhile.