GDC 08: EA takes games seriously

An executive with Electronic Arts gave a presentation at the Serious Games Summit portion of the Game Developers Conference, and one of the overarching themes he returned to repeatedly was that EA is not in the serious games business.

EA's vice president for global brand development of The Sims label Steve Seabolt was there to bring the audience up to speed on a handful of the company's games that had been adapted for educational and training purposes, but he stressed the company is still laser-focused on making entertaining games above all else. One of the main reasons why is that every dollar spent on making an educational game is one less dollar the publisher had to spend on its frontline franchises like Army of Two or Madden NFL Football.

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ngg123453686d ago

What developer doesn't?

Silellak3686d ago

Remember Westwood Studious.

Remember Origin.

We will never forget.

EA, if you end Bioware, we will end YOU.

mariusmal3686d ago

bubbles for you my friend

ISA_Scum3686d ago

Now if only they took PS3 development seriously, instead of just porting everything. THEY BETTER NOT SCREW UP ARMY OF TWO!!!!

mariusmal3686d ago

burnout paradise was published by EA right ? and still we had great versions on both consoles

ISA_Scum3686d ago

Yeah, but PS3 was lead console. Nothing where 360 is lead console ever turns out good and yet again, as usual, Army of Two has 360 as the lead console. Maybe they could do what Infinity Ward did with COD4 and take time to develop each game seperately. Things turned out good for that PS3 multiplatform game. You'd think EA and others could give a rat's ass to take just a wee-bit more time every once and while.

mariusmal3685d ago

you surely have a point. they don't give a rat's ass because it's easy money for them, ppl who only have one console and really want the game will buy it for ps3 and suck a nasty port.

Chubear3686d ago

Show it don't talk about it!

DarkSniper3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

Until Madden is running at a complete 60 frames per second on PLAYSTATION® 3, Dark Sniper doesnt have anything to listen to from EA Sports.


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The story is too old to be commented.