The Paper Mario Franchise May Have Permanently Abandoned the RPG Direction

Nintendo Enthuasiast:

For fans of the Paper Mario franchise, there may be some bad news concerning the direction of the franchise in the future. (Although Mario & Luigi RPG will probably still be around to satisfy your Mario RPG fix.)

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DivineAssault 1965d ago

a newly made square enix version of mario rpg should be rebooted or continued.. This is too adolescent to me.. I know its a decent game thats prolly fun & challenging but stickers? cute paper cut outs? make some 1st party franchises a bit darker nintendo.. I hope zelda on 3ds ditches that wind waker look

GillHarrison1965d ago

I wouldn't call it adolescent, but I do think Super Mario RPG is the best of the lot.

LOL_WUT1965d ago

Why does Nintendo always have to **** up their franchises? Love Paper Mario

1965d ago
PopRocks3591965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Sticker Star is not even really that bad. In fact it's still turn based combat with the same timing based reaction commands from the first two games.

However I do acknowledge it's been DRASTICALLY simplified, and I think they made this decision to keep it as a handheld game. Unlike the first two Paper Mario games, Sticker Star can be played in rather short bouts. Five to ten minutes if you're crafty.

But this is hardly a franchise **** up as you call it. If anything, I'd take a good long look at your profile picture when talking about that sort of topic.

klecser1965d ago

Its still an RPG. Just not the traditional ones players want. Instead of static attack options and partners, you get stickers. It is the same number of attacks as prior versions, only presented in different ways. Apparently a lot of gamers can't recognize the obvious similarities in the mechanics.

adorie1965d ago

Haven't taken Paper Mario serious in quite awhile. Wasn't it supposed to be a spiritual successor to Mario RPG?

Mario RPG is a favorite of mine and Paper Mario, just could not compare and still does not till this day.


stuntman_mike1965d ago

for me thousand year door is still the best one, and one of my all time favorite RPG's.

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