10 Terrible Wii Games You Should Avoid

The Wii is notorious for some serious stinkers, but these 10 games are beyond awful. Our senior staff writer Chris Lohr has endured some of the most painful days of gaming to put this list together. Enjoy!

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Myst2180d ago

I honestly forgot all about them...

guitarded772180d ago

Yeah, I don't think there was any risk of me going near those games.

RPG12012180d ago

The title should be changed to: 500 terrible Wii games you should avoid. There were some amazing ones though... after all the other crap.

Yodagamer2180d ago

G-force got decent reviews, nothing horrible, this article makes it seem like he has hatred for the movie instead of the game. Besides there are far worst games i've played.

ElementX2180d ago

It would be easier if they listed 10 Wii games you should play.

Kran2180d ago

Skyward Sword
Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2
New Super Mario Bros Wii

to name a few

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The story is too old to be commented.