GamePro Review: Chains Of Olympus Is The Best PSP Game Ever

Although it's been shrunk down to fit the small screen, Chains of Olympus features the same epic feel of its big console siblings. It's a thrilling experience that acts as the perfect appetizer to whet our appetites for the inevitable release of God of War 3 on the PS3. But don't think for a second that Chains of Olympus is just a side dish. If Chains of Olympus were the only title in the franchise, it would still stand on its own merits. And regardless of the fact that it sits in the shadows of its big console cousins, it is still, in the eyes of Reviews Editor Tae K. Kim, who was lucky enough to review the game, the best PSP game yet.

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sonarus3829d ago

here simly is no F'in around with the GOW franchise. I honestly cannot wait to see what the power of the ps3 can do to such a game. Santa Monica better not dissapoint every single GOW game has been good even the mobile game anything less than a 9 for GOW is a shame. They better not go the route of most games of this gen making short games i want an epic

pacman6153829d ago

the god of war series is one of my fav series of all time...MGS...ONIMUSHA...DEVIL MAY CRY...RESIDENT EVIL...FFANTASY...just to name a few

RIPHDDVD3829d ago

Wow. Ready At Dawn FTW!

Can't wait for God of War 3.

Marceles3829d ago

Best PSP game ever! 4.75?...just give it a 5. Graphics a 4.5 and the sound is a 4? They gave the FF1 remake a 4.75 as well with 4.75 graphics and 4.5 sound. FF1 has better graphics than GoW to them I guess...I dont get it...I think they forget their past reviews, but other than that this game is going to be crazy March 4th.

mintaro3829d ago

only thing now is for the devs to make a kickass GoW3!

TwissT3829d ago

Acctually Ready At Dawn made Chains of Olympus, and Santa Monica Studios made the God of War series for the ps2. But you are right MAKE A KICKASS GOD OF WAR 3!!!.

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The story is too old to be commented.