Dyad Vs. Mass Effect, A Tale of Two Stories

In light of the recent comments made by Dyad creator Shawn McGrath, Daily Reaction discusses the futility of story in video games. Sebastian Moss and Dan Oravasaari talk about the true need for stories in games, and if we are seeing an evolution in storytelling or a waste of time.

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Foolsjoker1965d ago

I can't stop staring at that picture...

dbjj120881965d ago

I liked Dyad a lot, but Mass Effect's story was so gripping and involving. Hard to argue that story in games is futile when 20x more people played a story focused game over Dyad.

ftwrthtx1965d ago

It's the story that I always play first in games. Would AC3 be fun without one? How about the Uncharted series?

MariaHelFutura1965d ago

Lot`s of games w/ no story are fun though.

-Tetris, Pacman, Flower and Flow are great examples.

CalvinKlein1965d ago

Ohh surprise. A guy says stories in games are pointless after making a pointless game with no story.

rpd1231965d ago

Mass Effect is the shit...

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