IGN: GameStop Halts HD DVD Trade-In Policy

IGN writes:

"GameStop this morning confirmed that the major gaming retailer will no longer accept HD DVD items for trade-in. That includes used HD discs or Xbox 360 HD DVD add-on drives. The policy – which virtually ensures that your additional HD drive will become a dinosaur in your own living room – takes effect today."

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Anything but Cute3714d ago

damn. People are stuck with their crap.

GodsHand3714d ago

I had an image in my head after reading that article.

We wont accept/trade in anything HD-DVD, but we will sell you the left over at regular price.

tgh machines3714d ago

I stopped watching that video after Lair came up.

sonarus3714d ago

hd-dvd value = 0$. But seriously any one who wasnt smart enough to do this a week ago deserves to be stuck with the crap

Anything but Cute3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

how evil Gamestop is.

I so wish I could be there. Imagine how many people are gonna be trying to trade in their HD DVD stuff and getting rejected.

Hell, I wonder how many XBOX 360 owners might want to trade in there Add ons.

okcomputer3714d ago

How are they evil for this? The hd dvd drive is now an obsolete piece of technology that no longer serves any purpose. It'd make no sense for them to pay money for something no one will want. You may as well get mad at them for not accepting betamax or 8 track trade ins.

rich13er3714d ago

I'll be keeping The add-on as well as my internal bluray/Hd-dvd drive for my PC. Works great provides the same picture as my PS3 blu-ray disc. I'll be on the look out for HD-dvd sales to pick up more movies. 1080p is 1080p in either format.

jinn3714d ago

too bad for those who bought it the day b4 it was announced

gamesblow3714d ago

Not all Gamestops are doing this... I'm still doing it at my store and several stores back in the midwest are still doing it too. If you live near newport... Come on by. I'll more be more than happy to take it off your hands and get you geared up with a Ps3.


rofldings3714d ago


I'd love to hear that conversation.

"Hey, I'd like to trade in my 360 addon here"
"Screw that, just trade in the whole 360! Use it to buy a PS3! :D NO ADDONS REQUIRED!"

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The story is too old to be commented.