New premieres confirmed for the 2012 VGAs, "amazing surprises" teased

While speaking with Major Nelson on his weekly podcast, Geoff Keighley provided new information regarding reveals for the 2012 VGAs.

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Relientk771334d ago

I hope the game premieres are awesome, we'll see on Friday.

-Mezzo-1334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )

Which Friday?

God i hope 'inFAMOUS 3' makes an appearance.

Simon_Brezhnev1334d ago

If so i truly hope the evil ending is the true one. They can make an action mmo off it.

LOGICWINS1334d ago

Hopefully its not a PS4 game. Theres still plenty of juice to squeeze out of the PS3.

Relientk771334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )

Spike VGA's on Fri Dec 7th 9 PM ET/6 PM PT

In 6 days

Nimblest-Assassin1334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )

an infamous 3, would ruin the point of the good ending of infamous 2

I mean, what can they do for 3? A kessler prequel would be pointless, continuing from the bad ending would suck, because nothing can challenge cole at that point

Let them end it... it ended well, and a sequel imo ruins the message of Infamous 2


LOGICWINS1334d ago

@Nimblest- My guess is that Sucker Punch will allow gamers to follow through with both good/evil endings, just like Infamous 2. However with Infamous 3, both campaigns will be RADICALLY different.

Nimblest-Assassin1334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )




So your dead or OP as f***

They can't continue with cole

th3n00bg4m3r1334d ago

Releasing a new Infamous game next year is very very bad. Sales are not going to be near good. I am telling you Sony, A new Infamous game should better be a launch title for PlayStation 4/the new PlayStation.

Hatsune-Miku1334d ago

I'm hoping for a ps4 or xbox next announcement or a preview of a graphically intensive game coming to next gen systems. Something like a killzone 4, uncharted 4, motorstorm 4, resistance 4 or something amazing.

I can't wait for the VGA show

turgore1334d ago

I got the good ending. I don't see it.

DragonKnight1334d ago

@Nimblest: Who says that an inFamous 3 game has to be about Cole? It could be a completely new character(s) and setting, new powers etc... Don't be limited by the timeline. Or it could be a Conduit that goes up against Cole after someone found a way to stop him.

@th3n00bg4m3r: Gee, an install base of 70 million potential buyers vs an install base of 0. I wonder which one Sony should go for. Hmmmm. /s

Regardless of any reveals, the VGA's will continue to be the atrocity of the industry and I will not watch.

Bimkoblerutso1334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )

^Yeah, screw that show. I'm not "bro" enough to sit through all that frat BS for 2 hours. I'll get what I need off the internet.

SilentNegotiator1334d ago

Do we really need another article every time Keighley plugs the same information about the 2012 VGAs?

SilentNegotiator1334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )

"A kessler prequel would be pointless"

Would it? Kessler clearly had some crazy adventures leading up to going after Cole. The alternative timeline between him figuring out what the beast is and living a different life would make a fine plot that could easily setup a new game. It could even still have a in/famous approach to it....especially since everything will change at the end (he can either decide to go from good to "by all means necessary", or go from infamous to continuing a "by all means necessary" approach). Either way, when tragedy strikes, it makes sense for him to become who he becomes.

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FPStealthRPGamer1334d ago

I hope we see AT LEAST 1 Next-Gen title.

LOGICWINS1334d ago

I rather they not announce anything that'll be released 2-3 years down the line. We still haven't seen any real gameplay of Rainbow Six: Patriots or that Guillermo del Toro game.

Kran1334d ago

Guillermo del Toro's game was cancelled... but then picked up again merely days ago.

We probably wont see it for a long time yet.

LOGICWINS1334d ago

Shame. I wonder what went wrong.

Skate-AK1334d ago

THQ is what went wrong. They dropped it and someone's else picked it up. They havnt announced who but I have a feeling it's Ubisoft that picked up Insane.

elpresador1334d ago

We will see a few. Regardless of how people feel about it, the Wii U is the first of the next gen consoles. Just cause it released probably at least 1 year earlier than the other 2, does not mean that it is NOT next gen. SO, seeing that the Wii U is a next gen console AND they will show games for it, you will deffinately see at least ONE next gen title.

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dafegamer1334d ago

"Surprise for oldschool Gamers"
Syphon Filter 4 i called it

Campy da Camper1334d ago

I would be more excited for this than to hear the new Rainbox 6 has no loadouts, perks and you can host your own lobbies.

DOMination-1334d ago

That isn't old school. Its Contra.

Sgt_Slaughter1334d ago

They say this every year... the only year they actually had news-worthy reveals was I think 2008 or 2009.

Mac is OK1334d ago

They had the Skyrim unveil in 2010.

majiebeast1334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )

They have had some good reveals i mean last year Last of us stole the show. Also they actually nominated some good games this year as Journey and the walking dead not just blockbusters like Call of duty means there is hope for this show.

AngelicIceDiamond1334d ago

What? Sony showed off 1st party world premiers. I'm pretty sure that's news worthy at the VGA's.

grailly1334d ago

I came here to say this :)

or agree as you already said it

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SKUD1334d ago

No matter how much hype. Its still awkward to watch.

NYC_Gamer1334d ago

It's just cheesy and full of mainstream garbage.

Nimblest-Assassin1334d ago


I could go on about how much is wrong with that sentence, but I think you can figure it out yourselves

JellyJelly1334d ago

Cheesy? Did someone say Doritos??

Ares901334d ago

Who remembers that dude dressed as a soldier teabagging last year?

Oh god, that was PATHETIC