Defending the Indefensible: Why the Wii mini may be a smart move by Nintendo

Dali Dimovski of writes:

"As a stepping stone console, the Wii mini is a great trojan horse to get people interested in the Wii U. The issue isn’t feature sets and markets, it’s timing."

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TruthbeTold2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

Indefensible? I hope there aren't people out there who really feel that way.

Considering that there ARE still people out there who want but don't have a Wii, and the biggest reason that they don't have one is cost, this is a great move. If you are buying a new Wii (your first one) in 2012 because it's $99, sleek, and takes up little space, you probably don't have much disposable income, have a small living area, and slow internet if any. So a tiny cheap Wii, that has no Wi-Fi makes perfect sense. Especially since any Wii games still receiving online support from developers could find that online support gone at any time.

People who've missed out, and still have SD tv's can now enjoy awesome games like Super Mario Galaxy, and No More Heroes, etc. Just like people bought a cheap, slim PS2 very late for cheap and enjoyed God of War 1 and 2, Shadow of the Colossus, etc. for $19.99 by buying the greatest hits series.

iamnsuperman2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

I think it is a bad move purely out of timing. This should have been out before the Wii U was announced. Everyone knows what a Wii is and if they wanted a Wii it would have happened a long time ago (prices here in the UK have been cheap: talking about around £100 for a bundle). The focus is getting these Wii owners to buy a Wii U.

"People who've missed out, and still have SD tv's"

You are talking about an extremely niche market here. Its almost impossible to get a SD tv nowadays and that has been for so many years now.

krazykombatant2175d ago

Niche market or not, it should provide to give a couple of extra sales and give the people who he just describe a chance to own a wii.

If anything thats like saying why did Sony redesign the small PS3 yet again. If only to try and keep it selling. Niche market to be sure, as to who is going to buy a smaller more expensive ps3 than the ps3 slim.

iamnsuperman2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

"Niche market or not, it should provide to give a couple of extra sales."

I don't think it will. You don't have to look far for a cheap Wii (not even preowned that's another matter).

"If anything thats like saying why did Sony redesign the small PS3 yet again. If only to try and keep it selling"

Because they are about to announce their next console. Making their console actually profitable with every sold unit is a good thing and to give a sales boost just before their next console releases is a normal move to do. To release a slim version of the previous gen when they have just released their next gen is an odd move

BattleAxe2175d ago

You would have to be a really low income person or a collector to want to buy one of these. I think its a cool idea, but the timing is definitely wrong.

Nintendo announced two weeks ago that they were not going to be making anymore games for the Wii, and then they release a console that has no online connectivity or backwards compatibility with Game cube games...this mini console has crashed even before its had a chance to take off.

AWBrawler2175d ago

There's still a lot of people with old SDTVs and converter boxes, believe it or not. I'm sure some kid who stays out in the woods with slow or no Internet would be glad to get this.

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krazykombatant2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

Well Said giving you some bubbles. Sadly this website, feeds off on negative articles, to try and rustle up people.

@Summons75. Some parents may not have the money to buy their kids the latest tech, but come christmas, most parents will make sacrifices and feel the need to get something for their kids. Those people with financial problems would see this as a blessing.

jc485732175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

is Canada really that poor? we're hella broke in California.

Summons752175d ago

If you can't get a Wii because of the price then you shouldn't be getting this it's like a 30 buck difference. If someone is having financial issues like that then they probably should put that 100 bucks towards bills or whatever and not a video game system. Price isn't the reason why someone dosen't have a Wii if they don't have one yet.

The no gamecube support has been around for a while so people now complaining is weird. I can understand why people complain about no WiFi, mainly because of the virtual console and not being able to access that. The non memory card slot is a huge deal breaker especially with the promise of being able to transfer memory from Wii to WiiU, you wouldn't be able to do that with this.

There is no reason why Nintendo couldn't have just dropped the price of the Wii. The Wii has been more than profitable for them and they have been making money off the system for years. This was a weird and odd move but the system is not good what so ever. I really like the redesign, a lot but no memory card slots and wifi will be a huge deal breaker for a lot of people.

Bimkoblerutso2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

It's $119.99 right now for a Wii WITH wifi (and it's important to note that the main issue there is that the new system will have no access to the eShop), and both Wii Sports games. The mini is a terrible deal. It's not like the Wii was an enormous system in the first place. The thing is already tiny.

Not that I think it's necessarily a bad financial move on Nintendo's part. The people that this will appeal to are not the ones that are going to do this kind of research in the first place. I'm sure it will sell fairly well.

wishingW3L2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

it has no online and no GC BC... What is the point of this mini thing then?

Bimkoblerutso2175d ago

To be fair, there's no way to get a retail Wii with BC at this point. But the lack of online capability is a bigger issue than people think because most people are thinking in terms of online gaming, which the Wii has never really excelled at. The real issue is the inability to access the eShop. That's a TON of content cut from the system's repertoire.

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jc485732175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

really ain't a bad move seeing how sony did the same releasing newer models while PS3 was already in the second year into the life cycle. Sony didn't even stop on the slim, they did a redesign of the slim as well. Sometimes you want to go back and play games that are not really next gen, but people see it as a dumb one like "why do you want to look at ps2 graphics?"


wow, I didn't know about that, then they should really cut the price even more. I still own the Wii Console that supports bc. Thinking about picking up a gamecube console.

Treian2175d ago

Since I missed out on a lot of Wii games this gen because I had a PS3, I may end up getting this with Zelda, Mario, Metroid and others.

Myst2175d ago

Granted it seems only good for those who did not desire a Wii earlier and perhaps still kind of do not; but at the price it seems like a worth while venture. That is perhaps the main reason as I see as to why someone would get it.

Tetsujin2175d ago

If this ever does come to the US, I'd buy one, and ebay it a few years later unopened as a collectable item.

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