Wii U Pro / Xbox 360 Controller Mod

This is a quick tutorial on how to modify your Wii U Pro Controller to have Xbox 360 sticks.

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PopRocks3591507d ago

Huh, neato. I love mods like these. All they do is cater to people's preferences. A friend of mine does work like this and he's really good at it. Once provided me a 360 controller that looked very much like a Dualshock controller.

NintendoGal1506d ago

Not sure why someone would disagree. I did this mod specifically with the intention of being able to revert back to the original configuration with no signs of tampering. :|

PopRocks3591506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

I receive a lot of disagrees lol. Lately I get at least one on each comment I write. I doubt many people actually disagree with the context of what I said.

EDIT: Just wanted to congratulate you on the interesting mod. It seems really cool and I'll definitely show the video to my friend and see if it inspires her at all. :)

onyoursistersback1506d ago

this is the first time seeing this....but the left side on the Wii U controller is longer then the right....why is that???

NintendoGal1506d ago

Could just be my camera playing tricks. :)