Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD hits Vita in December in US

This comes via the developer's official Twitter feed as the game evidently misses its originally-planned 'November' release window.

An EU release date is yet to be confirmed, but when asked about it the dev teased news "in one week".

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Snookies121608d ago

Sweet! I never got to play this, so it'll be really great to check it out! I take it it's not like the older Oddworlds? I'm fine with that though, as the game looks really cool regardless. :]

Snookies121608d ago

Why the disagrees? I'm confused... o_o

shammgod1608d ago

Stealth trolls. I am also looking forward to this, but I still have weeks left in persona 4 to finish up

SandwichHammock1608d ago

I'm confused why you care. You have good solid posts and that's all that matters :)

Qrphe1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

Well, it just means someone didnt like your opinion I guess lol. Im probably getting too.

>stealth troll
I dont think that means that you think it means.

Skate-AK1608d ago

The game is awesome. Even more so playing it in 3D with Move on PS3.

NukaCola1607d ago

This is going to be fun. Waited on this game for the Vita version. I love Oddworld. Munch's Oddysee is coming soon. Made sure all their games are now on a Sony system again. They are system agnostic, as Lorne Lanning said, and are trying to have their game out on as much as possible. Abe's Oddysee New and Tasty is releasing next year and then then Exodduss HD. Also they are putting in the works the next story in the Quintology. Lanning said, if we as the community support their games, they will continue to make them and they will be amazing. All Oddworld games will be digital btw, so you can see that MS's download size policy and arrogance has prohibited their once exclusive, now redone, on their system.

MasterCornholio1608d ago

Hopefully this game has a cross buy feature because i already own it on my PS3.

SandwichHammock1608d ago

Sorry. Its already be confirmed that it is not.

TIER1xWOLFPACKx1608d ago

If you have already downloaded it you can download for free on vita as you have already paid for it

Skate-AK1608d ago

Idk if they would do that considering the game was a PS+ game in Europe.

DivineAssault 1608d ago

cool.. another port but a good one at least.. I have too many unplayed games right now so i need to take it easy for a while.. Ill pick this up one day but not this year

TENTONGUN1608d ago

had no idea this was releasing. pretty solid game and i dig the oddworld atmosphere. ill pick it up later though. good times

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