Hitman Absolution disguise fix video

A video which shows off the Hitman Absolution mod on PC where the game's disguise system is more like the previous games. Would this make the game too easy though?

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Hellsvacancy1842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

Awesome, thats how it should be, the "new" disguise system really let the game down

RaidensRising1842d ago

They would need to redesign the levels for this to work properly.

GTRrocker6661842d ago

I agree completely with that statement.

lastdual1842d ago

The thing is, some of the levels are broken already.

For disguises to work, you often need to use instinct, but the means to recharge instinct limit you to playing a certain way. It severely takes away from the freedom of past Hitman games.

ShadesMoolah1842d ago

The change needs to happen!

IC3_DEMON1842d ago

What difficulty is this on?

Yukicore1841d ago

If A.I. still detects kills, dead bodies from the default distance, then this is a good mod... Might check it out.