Meet The "Monsters" In Monster Monpiece


We had to put “monsters” in quotes because Compile Heart re-imagined mythological creatures like the Unicorn as women.

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MegaLagann1509d ago

Compile Heart and lolis, what a surprise...

cleft51509d ago

Says the person with the underaged chick from persona 4 as an avatar.

ninjahunter1509d ago

Japan, where puberty hits'em fast and hits'em hard.

CalvinKlein1509d ago

monsters with huge boobs are not monsters at all.

SilentNegotiator1509d ago

There are at least 2 GOW bosses that say otherwise. But then, you can't REALLY call what those bosses have "boobs"

profgerbik1509d ago

Have you played RaiderZ it's a monster hunting MMO.

There is this plant boss, it has coconut tits. I would definitely still call it a monster coconut tits or not.

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