Demo May Cry: What the Demo says about DMC

The DMC demo has finally been released. Know what this means? It's time to find out whether Dante is still the same old mass murderer we know and... love

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BiggCMan1934d ago

I didn't like the demo at all actually. I hate the new presentation of the game, it's really twisted and demented, which is fine, it's just not my style. I'm sure it will cater to others though. It feels like an acid trip, and I don't particularly like that style.

Gamesgbkiller1934d ago

I think its good ..
kinda inceptiony :)

Knight_Crawler1934d ago

The demo says that Metal Gear Raising is the new Hack n Slash king.

R.I.P Ninja Gaiden and Devil May Cry.

shempo1934d ago

god of war is the hack n slash king for years now
awards and sells speak for themself.

rdgneoz31934d ago

@shempo When something sells well, the quantity sold is called "sales", not sells.

Gen0ne1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Queen Bayonetta says, "The king needs to find some new tricks and cut the sh!t with the qte's."

Tontus1934d ago

LOL, MG:R will not be the new hack 'n slash king, maybe it'll be the best Japanese H&S but it won't be the best in the world.

Nothing will ever compare to the one and only king of the genre, God of War. The most critically acclaimed, beloved and bestselling franchise in the genre by light-years.

God of War: Ascension will sell more than DmC & MG:R on PS3 + 360 combined next year and will be more critically acclaimed and beloved too.

Enigma_20991933d ago


Me thinks the Queen B**** needs to concern herself with fixing her crappy a** ports before she criticizes other games.

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Vandamme211934d ago

STFU ..the demo was awesome...u probally suck at it

vork771934d ago

or maybe it was to easy and your not a true gamer

yami9301934d ago

Is it possible to suck at the DmC demo? It was extremely easy even on Son of Sparda (hardest difficulty given) I seriously wonder how many people even died at all with their first play through the game.

rezzah1933d ago

marked down for immaturity.

You and the guy above have your own opinions.

Telling him to shut up because his opinion differs from yours is childish.

AngelicIceDiamond1934d ago

The voice acting and characters is surprisingly likable but I don't like the setting either. Demonic and Evil with random crap. The gameplay at least from the demo was boring and repetitive.

I'm still debating on it but Capcome shouldn't of gave us a super old version of the game.

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bitboi1934d ago

DMC is awesome, like the new direction, the action felt great and the acting was top notch. Can't wait!

Sketchy_Galore1934d ago

From what I could tell the plot seems to be what an emo kid member of anonymous experiences before waking up warm and sticky.

Summons751934d ago

What the demo says about DmC? That all the fans who have been arguing since the first gameplay trailer were right and Ninja Theory has no idea how to make a game or care about anyone but themselves. Change in character models is one thing if this is suppose to be before the earliest in the timeline, however NT did a horrible job and they all look ugly. The gameplay was a train wreck. On top of being slow and clunky (complete oposite of the real Devil May Cry) it was also unresponsive 90% of the time and very repetitive, the ironic part is even with the unresponsive controls you could still get a triple S on the hardest difficulty. This is nothing like Devil May Cry and even if they do change the name the bad controls make it a bad game. Capcom made a poor choice giving a beloved franchise to a developer who has a handful of mediocre, poor selling games. NT is even worse for insulting fans and the creator of the franchise.

Jinkies1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

"What the demo says about DmC? That all the fans who have been arguing since the first gameplay trailer were right"

Exactly, we wernt "hating" we were simply pointing out the obvious. Tameem Antoniades isn't going to fix the game after the demo since he's clearly stated that on twitter already, he dosent care about fans, you would be buying a broken game and to be fair they just don't deserve any sales, the way they've treated the fans and the franchise they deserve to fail.

-GametimeUK-1934d ago

I didn't like the new style. I'm not a huge DMC fan so I couldn't care less that it is a re-boot. I just didn't like the whole eyeball's on the wall sort of crap and the crazy whip to move buildings etc. The whole art direction rubs me the wrong way.

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