Metal Gear Countdown: Top 5 Creepiest Moments

The Metal Gear series features historic events, military accuracy and visual realism, but it also has its share of supernatural elements, that stand out all the more in the otherwise realistic looking series. Ghosts, inexplicable events and mythological experiences give the series its unique face. During the saga, we have also seen some downright creepy moments. The ominous atmosphere before the Psycho Mantis fight. A bloodsucking freak slaughtering an entire NAVY squad. The dark corners of a wolf-dog filled cave. But which are the creepiest? Here is a top 5.

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Slugg3r1606d ago

What about the nightmare game in MGS3? I remember shitting in my pants when I first played MGS3, got stuck in the cell (tried 1 hour to get out) saved and quit. Then I came back after couple of days and the horror was waiting me. Such a shame it had to be left out of the HD version.

Nyxus1606d ago

Yeah, good one. I chose moments from the main storyline for this list though.

zebramocha1606d ago

For me it's near the of mgs2 where the colonel tells you to turn of the console,I though my ps2 knew I'd played the game to long.

belac091606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

yeah the codec calls to naked raiden were awesome!!!

Nyxus1605d ago

So were the naked cartwheels. :P

pbasson1605d ago

Good List. But 5 is just not enough, 10 maybe.

Nyxus1605d ago

I always choose five because otherwise it would become a bit long, and when you have just five you really have to think about the choices well.

TXIDarkAvenger1605d ago

Some may consider it to be kind of creepy that he knew you played Castlevania.