Uber Reviews: Top 5 Games of 2012

I countdown my personal top 5 games of this year

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SolidGear32024d ago

All great choices except I believe Dishonored should've been top spot.

theuberreviews2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

I have not yet played dishonored, I've heard great things about it though and will probably pick it up in the January sales.

Lordchunk2024d ago

More like top 5 third person shooters excluding the walking dead of course.

theuberreviews2024d ago

Well this year hasn't been so good in FPS's

Linko642024d ago

Ghost recon? Really? This reads like a list by someone who hasn't played much this year.

Hicken2024d ago

No offense, but this really is just a "top" shooters list. No rpgs, no racing games, no one-offs like Journey.

theuberreviews2023d ago

Racing games aren't great and the only RPG i played this year was Mass Effect 3, which was a crushing disappointment.