Face-Off: Far Cry 3

EG:On a technical level, Far Cry 3 gave us some cause for concern at an early preview event in October, where we saw some nasty glitches, an abundance of full-screen tearing and even outright freezes on the 360 code we had to play with. This was all in the face of what appeared to be a broad and beautiful open-world FPS - a rare beast in the ongoing climate of the grim and grey - with an intriguing focus on territoriality and survival during a pirate take-over. The promise was there, but somewhat eclipsed by a clearly unoptimised build.

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PersonMan1972d ago

PC wins!

Seriously though... the console version struggles to keep a decent framerate and tears 99% of the time. That would make me sick.

Soylent_Green1972d ago

It's a little annoying at first but I've started to adjust to it. Really need next gen consoles, the compromises being made on some recent releases are really starting show.

SnotyTheRocket1971d ago

Yeah, I've played all the Assassin's Creed games up to 3. I've gotten used to screen tearing..... AC3 has no tearing though.

WetN00dle691971d ago

I dont know so far those two issues are hardly noticeable on the 360. The version is not perfect no doubt BUT its not ugly like many people are calming it to be.

BuLLDoG9091971d ago

In a little over 4 hours play time on ps3, i havnt had ANY screen tearing.. at all, im surprised..
Im playing it at its native 720p and not forcing it to upscaled 1080p though..

onandonandon1971d ago

My Ps3 version doesn't tear AT ALL!, A lot of youtube footage of all 3 platforms tears 99% of the time but that's down to upload quality not the game!

lategamer1971d ago

No offense, but I would trust Digital Foundry over you. There experts and have the proper equipment to show and record things like this.

Maybe you just don't notice it? I never notice tearing in video games.

Ju1971d ago

Seriously? These guys point out that the 360 is in the lead when if you are not completely blind you can see in their own comparison videos that the 360 tears more and the pop ins are far worse. Really? Eurogamer needs to throw in the PC once in a while to just distract from the consoles since there is no clear victor for consoles. No surprise there. They piss me off. But getting used to that lately. BTW: Not sure why the 360 tearing is more pronounced. Maybe the PS3 tears in other areas or something (eg in edge region instead of mid screen). But it's quite visible. Yes, the 360 has the higher frame rate and higher res with the trade for tear and pop ins (but that's probably the 6GB install on the PS3). Anyway, it's subjective anyway, but you can clearly not say the 360 is in the lead here. Eurogame, my ass.

PhantomT14121971d ago

The only framerate drops I noticed was during cutscenes so for now, I'm fine with it (only bought X360 version to play split-screen coop though; as soon as it gets cheaper on steam, I'll download it for PC).

sourav931971d ago

I've clocked in around 15+ hours of Far Cry 3 on the PS3, and though there are definitely some frame drops, especially during cut scenes, for around 98% of GAMEPLAY, the game is more than playable. I know that it's nowhere close to that of PC, and I don't think anyone was expecting it to be. But for what it did end up being on consoles; 6 and 7 year old machines, for the graphics shown, the performance is brilliant.
Here's hoping that with next gen, this gap between PC and consoles will be slightly smaller.

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WayneKerr1972d ago

360 wins again out of the consoles

7 years on and still kicking sony ass at 0.75 of the price.

PersonMan1971d ago

Really? You talk as if the 360 version is perfect. It's just as crappy as the PS3 version. If you took off your Microsoft Goggles™, you'd see.

CGI-Quality1971d ago

Why even waste your time quoting him? Just look at the post history and bubbles (or lack thereof) to know that it's not worth the effort.

Soylent_Green1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

I got this on 360, but what exactly has it won? Seriously when the hell is all this sony vs microsoft nonsense going to end. Imagine if this crap went on in the film industry. "Warner Brothers , still kicking Disney's ass at 0.75 of the film length." Shudder!

Snookies121971d ago

Lol, trolling is fun isn't it? No, it's not. It just makes people look idiotic.

Stop with the fanboy comments people. Microsoft couldn't care less about you. Sony and Nintendo couldn't care less either. We're just consumers, stop thinking that you somehow need to defend a company just because you bought something of theirs. You're a sales number to them, nothing more, nothing less.

chukamachine1971d ago

Image quality bears mention too: both console releases are tightly paired in their approach to multi-sampling native 720p outputs, and the only eye-catching difference is the dithered shadows on Sony's platform around globally illuminated areas.
As if to compensate here, we see superior texture filtering on PS3 and slightly less evidence of triangle culling after fast-travelling around the archipelago. It's a close call in many respects, but the shadow issue sticks out even without the other formats to compare it to, leading us to give the 360 a nod here as well.

Less culling and better filtering, and they still give it to the 360, even though in farcry 2, 360's shadows are dithered/.

Bias much. Eurogamer

Ju1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Thank you. I have the exact same feeling. Really...

And not only that. Less visible tearing, and less pop ins as well. But still, the 360 wins. Why even bother?

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NYC_Gamer1971d ago

This is why next gen consoles are needed.The current hardware is pushed to the max and struggles with software that's being released lately.

PersonMan1971d ago

I disagree. They could have made the engine better. Assassin's Creed 3 looks great, doesn't tear at all, and goes all the way up to 60fps is some areas. Console games can still look and perform great. It's all about how much time and money the developer wants to spend polishing it. It's not necessarily the console that is lacking, it's the software.

Sony has shown us how good console games can look. I won't list them because you probably know what I would say.

Shaman1971d ago

Assassins Creed 3 CAN go up to 40fps, but those are VERY rare instances when there is nothing to render on screen. The reason why it goes up to 40 is because frame rate is uncapped (unlike 99% of games). If other games had uncapped frame rate (meaning not locked at 30fps even if it can go higher) than you would see alot of games going in 40s.

The fact that AC3 drops to 20s when there is alot of NPCs on screen tells different story though, and its not comparable to other games (especially exclusives) and especially not those that are linear corridor shooters or hack and slash games with fixed camera.

Ju1971d ago

AC3 environments are far less dynamic and it has no dynamic lighting engine like this game has.

Norrison1971d ago

AC3 looks bad on console and it goes all the way down to 15 fps in boston.

Psychotica1971d ago

My eyes must be going bad because I didn't really see that much difference between the PS3 vs PC comparison. I have pre ordered the PC version so I am really hoping it will look good.

RuperttheBear1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

There may be some problems with your eyes, no offence. Really, I'm not trying to offend you, but the framerate to me looked terrible in comparison to the pc version. And the textures are much better on pc as well.

This is to be expected, it's a seriously good looking game, and I've had to notch quite a few options down from their default settings to get a steady 60 fps.

It's an amazing game though, I've been playing it all day. I wouldn't be surprised if this got a load of GOTY awards, it really deserves it.

Psychotica1971d ago

No offense taken. You are lucky to be playing it, I have to wait until Tuesday. Enjoy..

pr0digyZA1971d ago

Thats what you call video compression makes them seem more equal than they are, you really need to see 1080p footage from both I would say. But from the video there was framerate issues, some screen tearing, anti-aliasing and what looks like a totally different shadow filter on PS3.

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