Report: Microsoft prepping proxy fight for Yahoo bid

Microsoft is stepping up the pressure on Yahoo to accept its $44.6 billion bid. The software giant is reportedly preparing for a proxy fight after deciding not to raise its initial offer, a move that comes one day after Microsoft chairman Bill Gates told the AP that he believed his company's offer was "fair."

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GodsHand3804d ago

This stuff happens all the time, hey mr. chairman, here's $1.5 million dollars for you up coming campaign.

by the way, im looking to get some...

Bring it by the board and we will see. (wink, wink)

PR0NE3804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

m$ is desperate, it can't compete with the poeple over at google who possesses very powerful tech.
the gogoles are unbeatable..
and yahoo doesn't want to be acquired by m$, they worked very hard on optimizing their own php engines and avoided falling with aspx and shytty windows IIS. maybe n4g should consider doing the same...

BigKev453804d ago

It's ok, Bill. Just fork me over half of the 44 billion, I won't complain. Really.

PS360WII3804d ago

Not to sound to dense but what is a proxy fight anyways?

wow143804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

Microsoft believes that there are sufficient numbers of shareholders who will accept their offer that they will collect-up shareholder "voting proxies" and then use those votes to replace the board who is not representing the interests of the shareholders.

So, MS will contact the large institutional owners, the ones who have sufficient numbers of shares to remove the board.

The offer is clearly fair, but the YHOO board is operating on ego and emotion instead of good sense.

YHOO is in a free fall, and this is certainlyt heir last opportunity to save the company before they end up crashing and burning.

MSFT's offer can help consolidate their existing strenghts (brand, traffic) and realize the kind of critical mass they need moving forward.

MSFT knows it, and YHOO's shareholders know it.


The last 8 quarters of losses say otherwise. MSFT's properties are surging and GOOG holding stong. YHOO is doomed if it stays solo.

PR0NE3804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

yahoo isn't in a freefall
it is between cliffhangers
unlimited webhosting lmfao...

PS360WII3804d ago

oh I see. Seems like a dirty play but all's fair in love and war. I suppose if I was a shareholder I'd be tempted by the money. This just depends on if the shareholders don't like MS as much as the board members do now....

darthv723804d ago

$45 billion and that is my final offer. So if MS does take over yahoo, then the yahoo IM clent will somehow find its way into the 360 messenger. Seeing as the newer versions of windows live and YIM work together pretty good.

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