The Sims Reaches 100 Million Mark

During a session yesterday at the Game Developers Conference, Steve Seabolt - EA's vice president for global brand development of The Sims, revealed that the successful series has sold nearly 100 million copies since its birth back in 2000.

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Cartesian3D3777d ago

100 million mark is INSANE!

but I think The SIMs had Insane number of versions aswell,

may be 20 or 30 or even 100! I dont know the exact Number :P

Chuck Norris3776d ago

The SIMS are what I call people around me.

VigorousApathy3776d ago

Not a bad achievement considering it's just an average game. Imagine if someone made a real game that was both fun and actually sort of simulated life. It would sell a billion copies.