Which is the best Assassin's Creed game on Xbox 360?

OXM - The Assassin's Creed Anthology hits digital storefronts today, which means for the first time ever, all five games in the series on Xbox 360 are competing directly with one another for your time and affection.

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SuperSonic2661969d ago

Assassins creed 3 on PS3

Exclusive DLC

Soylent_Green1969d ago

No even with the extra 20 minutes of gameplay, AC 3 on ps3 can't beat Brotherhood or AC2.

P.S. I've always wondered how much do Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo pay people like you for the free advertising and promotion. Surely there are better ways to get into PR then this.

SuperSonic2661969d ago

I get the best gaming experience ever

Playstation 3
it only does everything

dirigiblebill1969d ago

Nothing screams "chronic insecurity" like feeling the need to trumpet your favourite console below an article about its competitor.

typikal821969d ago

The one that came with AC1 free for PS3.

aawells071969d ago

Assassins Creed: Brotherhood

masa20091969d ago

AC2. Some of the "do this 3 times" missions did feel a bit like filler, but overall the gameworld was huge and the number of fully realized individual locations, each with its own vibe, was impressive.

I thought in Brotherhood, the game started to go away from the sandbox assassination feel and favor more scripted missions with a lot of level design bottlenecks you had to pass through. In AC2 they tended to tell to basically "get the job done".
In ACB, it was more like, "Get to the east door, then up the tower through the window, then down the stairs."
Also something that annoyed me in Brotherhood, the "diversion factions" could only be present in zones where you had already defeated the Borgia troops, which made them much less useful and went against the social stealth mantra of the series.
ACB had more fleshed out exposition for the sidemissions than AC2, though.