10 Most Overpowered And Destructive Weapons of All Time

"Some of the best and most memorable games out there have had overpowered weapons and abilities, often key parts of what made them so endearing. Here are ten of our favourite crazy powerful weapons."

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majiebeast1966d ago

No weapon from ratchet and clank makes this list a joke.

Kalowest1966d ago

R.Y.O.N should be up their, So should the Halo 1 pistol.

guitarded771966d ago

Once again, another overpowered/extreme weapon list and there is no Mr. Toots. I'm tired of having to tell authors about the most awesome/overpowered weapon ever.

MaxXAttaxX1965d ago

The RYNO is guaranteed to rip you a new one. You can't ignore Ratchet & Clank weapons.

Lord_Sloth1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

For those not wanting to click through the ass-hat's 10 pages...

01. AWP (Counter Strike)
02. Fatman Cannon (Fallout 3)
03. M-920 Cain (Mass Effect 2)
04. Tanegashima (MGS4)
05. BFG 9000 (Doom)
06. Hammer of Dawn (Gears of War)
07. VC5 Arc Rifle (Killzone 2)
08. Blades of Chaos (God of War)
09. FarSight XR-20 (Perfect Dark)
10. Organic Gravity Gun (Half Life 2)

This list blows. No foam finger from Dead Space 2? No PLR-412 from RE4? No Bishamon Sword from Onimusha? No Crissaegrim from Symphony of the Night?

Somebody1965d ago

11. Your credit card (all Free to play FPSes)

C_Menz1966d ago

No golden gun from Goldeneye? List is not complete without it.

prototypeknuckles1966d ago

the RYNO from and ratchet game deserves to be on this list

Tiqila1966d ago

i hate these NEXT SLIDE top 10 articles... why not make them on one page?? think people cant scroll?

ShinraE51966d ago

I hate that too ! Sweet god why is that model so popular?

Snookies121966d ago

The MIRV. That is all...

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The story is too old to be commented.