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Wii U demos have play limits

As is the case with the 3DS, Wii U demos have play limits.

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Community1785d ago
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-Mika-1785d ago (Edited 1785d ago )

Wow. Just wow. Seriously Nintendo? Every article I read about this console makes me want it less and less. Or atleast it drops to $199.

DarkBlood1785d ago

mika apparently anything nintendo does pushes you away, just save your self time and not comment on this your not obviously getting your way

Hatsune-Miku1785d ago (Edited 1785d ago )

Why would anyone try to spin this news to be a positive or no big deal.

NES fanatics are sheep. First Wii u would be very powerful but it was found out to be weaker than ps3 and xbox. I remember quite recently when NES fanatics were touting Wii u is the most powerful console and were bragging about it. Now its back to power does matter or 100 articles a day talking about why developers are wrong about Wii u being weak or why power doesn't matter. When some found out the 3ds had one circle pad the argument was about how two is unnecessary on a handheld with touchscreen. Sheep roll over and accept rubbish

There are so many negatives about the Wii u that are deal breakers but fanatics faith don't falter. They don't accept the Wii u with all its fault and just let it be. They hail it as next gen being very power with invisible powers that don't exist and see the lower grade games as being superior than xbox and ps3.

There shouldn't be a time limit on a demo. Some people can play a demo once and make up their mind while others might want to play a demo over and over before making their mind up

To each his own, I can't wait for ps4

DarkBlood1785d ago

and it sounds like you want it to be weaker then last gen sony and microsoft consoles huh not suprising

*holds one shoulder* select nintendo haters, select nintendo haters everywhere

MAJ0R1785d ago

I know there are Nintendo haters who take advantage of every possible bit of bad news about the Wii U (yes, there's been a lot of bad news lately) but I have to admit it's pretty horrible there's play limits on demos. This is a great example of why I don't think too highly of closed platforms.

ChickeyCantor1785d ago

" NES fanatics are sheep. "

Says the weeabo with the Hatsune-Miku name and picture.


MikeMyers1785d ago

"There shouldn't be a time limit on a demo. Some people can play a demo once and make up their mind while others might want to play a demo over and over before making their mind up "

So you still can't make up your mind trying the demo 10 times? I have a PS3 and there isn't one demo that I can recall that I've played more than twice. I either bought it or deleted it by then. I guess that makes me a sheep.

Bhaaa, bhaaa

darthv721785d ago

I think, really loves the attention the negativity brings. Especially with having no real interest in the wii-u to begin with.

OT...timed demos are nothing new. There have been timed demos on PC before all of this. Besides, why play a demo indefinitely when it is the same taste each and every time?

The real meat of the game is in the full version anyway. I personally play a demo once or twice and then delete it after I make up my mind of yes or no.

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PopRocks3591785d ago

Will you really choose to play any demo more than five or so times?

torchic1785d ago (Edited 1785d ago )

fact of the matter is that the option SHOULD be there for audiences to demo the game as much as they please. whether you like it or not many people do demo games that they enjoy a lot more than what is allocated by Nintendo on whatever non-Nintendo platform they use. it's not like it's a demo that's using up some kind of resource therefore needs to be limited (like a demo of a food product)

I mean on iTunes, I can preview any song til my heart content. Nintendo peeps cannot spin this one, this is a limit that just should not be there.

I do recognise however that this could well be the norm next-generation across all platforms. I doubt it will, but it wouldn't suprise me if it did.

OneAboveAll1785d ago

Uh... yes.

I can't count how many times me and my friends played the Battlefield 1943 demo or other MP demo's.

Timed demos are retarded.

PopRocks3591785d ago

I've never played a demo more than two or three times. So it's a non-issue to me. Usually after the first play through I'm able to tell if I actually want to play the full version.

mrbojingles1785d ago

This isn't that big of a deal dude. Do you really need 10 attempts at a demo to make a decision? If so then you may be more indecisive than Hamlet.

sjaakiejj1785d ago

I play demos of games that I have no intention of buying, and I often play those more than 10 times.

dubal-e1785d ago

yeah people are making a big deal out of nothing. Hell most of the people commenting probably don't have a Wii U, or don't plan on getting one. Like umm Mika

MegaLagann1785d ago

You really just like to hate Nintendo. Honestly, do you need to play a demo more than 30/20/10 times to decide if you want to play the entire game?

dantesparda1785d ago

Its a stupid/bad decision by nintendo. Instead of all you wii fanboys defending every stuid decision nintendo makes, how bout you's actually bitch about it and maybe get nintendo to change it.

I bet if nintendo said you can only beat a game 10 times, you's all be supporting/making excuses for it.

PopRocks3591785d ago (Edited 1785d ago )


Except it's not full games, it's just demos. And secondly I don't see anyone defending this decision. I personally just don't see what the big deal is. The 3DS has this and I recall very little complaining.

"Instead of all you wii fanboys defending every stuid decision nintendo makes, how bout you's actually bitch about it and maybe get nintendo to change it."

Right, because labeling people fanboys and bitching on the internet is really going to get shit done, let alone make an impression on Nintendo. sarcasm/

HateFanboys1785d ago

So instead act like its alright? Yeah, thats whats gonna get Nintendo to change it. No, complaining about it, is the only thing that'll get Nintendo to change it. And defending this is fanboyish.

nintendoland1785d ago

wii u is already selling at loss...

HateFanboys1785d ago

Bull, i dont buy it, its all inferior tech. And dont even mention the "mystical" gpgpu to me, that run at 550mhz and has a bandwidth of 12GBps, cuz it aint so

deafdani1785d ago

You NEVER wanted it in the first place, so you can't want it less than you already do.

ahronith1785d ago

Who wants or needs to play a demo more than 30 times? At that point just get the damn game anyway.

3-4-51785d ago

Shouldn't be a surprise.

The 3DS has demo limits. Would be dumb to think Wii U would be any different.

There is nothing wrong with that. If you actually like the game then go buy it. New or used.

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christheredhead1785d ago

Pretty annoying as to why they would even implement something like that, but eh. I don't think I've ever played a demo more than once anyways. Definitely don't agree with Nintendo on this one, but I doubt I'll be locking myself out of demos anytime soon.

YoungPlex1785d ago

I have tons of demos on my 3DS and have yet to max out my uses. Usually people know if they want the game after the first, or maybe the second time they play a demo. I played Revelations once and knew I wanted it, but played it a couple of more times before deleting it, just for kicks and never came close to maxing out the usage. Who cares! Quite being cheap and pony up the dough is what I say. This will only effect cheap or "frugal" people that don't want to support games. Fortunately this isn't a big deal to gamers like myself, that purchase games they like, and support the developers that spent a lot of time and resources making the game. I don't know about you but when I play a game that's good, I buy it new in hopes that the developer will make a sequel, without the publisher telling them that they can't publish it, due to lack of sales...

Y_51501785d ago

I am alright with it. Really you think you'll be playing a demo 30 times?! Or some of 'em on the 3DS does it for 10 times but still I've never played them till 10 as of yet!

Main_Street_Saint1785d ago

Not a big deal, IMHO. When I read the headline, I thought that it was a time limit and not the limited number of tries.

Sp1d3ynut1785d ago

Um...that would STILL be a time limit. ._.

Main_Street_Saint1785d ago

I mean more like,"This demo has a play time of X amount of minutes per play" (something similar to what they had in Smash Bros Brawl) and then it would cut you off.

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