Far Cry 3 The Game That Has Everything

Far Cry 3 combines first person shooter elements with rpg elements in an open world setting without sacrificing good gameplay value. If you think about it most of the time an open world game has all the basics but sacrifices great gameplay like stealth mechanics, an engaging story, believable game characters, and an epic setting. Whereas Far Cry 3 sacrifices none of these things.

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AO1JMM1513d ago

Fun game and definitely what farcry 2 should have been

showtimefolks1513d ago

farcry 2 was such a huge letdown

but glad to see FC3 is living or exceeding hypes. i had my doubts

TheSaint1513d ago

It's so very awesome, I love it.

MrAnderson1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

It does not have a purple monkey dishwashes, false claims!

WeskerChildReborned1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

I'm hoping the PS3 version looks good as well as the other platforms.

BlmThug1513d ago

I recieved my copy yesterday and it is EPIC! Surpasses FC2 in every way and my 2012 GOTY. I played two hours yesterday and in that time I got rammed by a boar, bit by a snake, killed two massive turtles and then got bit and chased by three Komodo Dragons.

akaakaaka1513d ago

sounds fun! lol i got to get it then.